Policies and Procedures


School Hours
School begins at 9:15 AM and ends at 4:15 PM. Unless attending a scheduled club meeting, children should not be dropped off on campus grounds before 9:00 AM, as school personnel will not be able to supervise your child. The first bell rings at 9:15 AM and the late bell rings at 9:20 AM.

Regular and punctual attendance is a very important part of equipping students for success in school. The school day begins at 9:15 AM. A student is considered tardy if he/she arrives after 9:20 AM. A note explaining absences, tardiness or early dismissal is required. Parents must sign children in or out if they arrive after 9:20AM or leave before 4:15 PM. Should your child be absent, a written statement from the parent or guardian is required within two (2) days of the student’s return to school, explaining the reason for the absence, otherwise the absence will be considered unexcused.

Student Check In/Late Arrival Check In
A parent or guardian must check their child in if they arrive after 9:20 AM or return from an off-campus appointment. The office must issue tardy slips before students can enter his/her classroom.

Student Check Out
If it becomes necessary for a student to leave school during the day, a parent or guardian must come to the school office to sign out the student. A note to the teacher prior to the appointment time is requested. Children will not be allowed to walk home during the day if they are sick. To sign your child out, you must come or send an adult representative that is listed on the registration card. A photo ID is required to check a child out. No students will be checked out of school after 3:45 PM due to security reasons.

Visitors/Volunteers/Room Visits
Parents, guardians, volunteers, and visitors are required to check in at the office and pick up a badge identifying him or herself as an authorized visitor whenever entering the school building. Conferences will be held by appointment only so as not to disrupt instructional time or the proper supervision of the students. This includes the homeroom period when teachers are monitoring and supervising the arrival of students. The teachers primary responsibility is the supervision and instruction of the students in his/her charge. Volunteers are encouraged to read to a class, cut paper, or make copies. All classroom observations must be scheduled through an Administrator. An Administrator must be present during classroom observations.

Transportation Policy
Students must ride on the buses assigned to their home addresses. Students will not be permitted to ride on any bus other than the one to which they are assigned. Students will be given a list of bus rules during the first week of school.

School Rules
The school rules at Southwind Elementary were adopted to encourage respect – respect for oneself, for other students and for the faculty and staff at our school. These rules also encourage students to respect school property. Specific class rules will be distributed and explained by the teacher.

Our breakfast program begins at 9:00AM and ends at 9:15AM. Students have the opportunity to eat a nutritious breakfast every morning. Students arriving after 9:15AM will not be allowed to go to breakfast.

Parent(s) may eat lunch with their children any day. Parents must sign in at the office upon arrival and proceed to the cafeteria to wait for your child’s class. Do not go to the students room. Parents may bring in lunch or buy lunch in the cafeteria. An adult lunch, including water is $3.75.  Lunch for parents must be paid for in the main office.

Students do not have to pay for breakfast or lunch, they eat free.

Cafeteria Rules
Students are supervised in the cafeteria by lunchroom monitors or teaching assistants. State law requires schools to designate lunch times as a duty free period for teachers. All students must follow the directions of the adults in charge of their supervision at lunchtime. Classes receive a daily conduct report from the lunchroom monitor. Basic cafeteria guidelines are listed as follows:

Always walk in a single file line.
Get everything you need while in the food line.
Stay seated and talk quietly with only one neighbor.
Raise your hand if you need help.
Do not leave trash on the table or floor.

Birthday Treats
Your child may bring a healthy birthday treat for each child in his/her class. Healthy birthday treats are to be distributed in the cafeteria at lunchtime only; No cakes or balloons. Please send a note to make arrangements with your child’s teacher before bringing the treats. Due to safety reasons, candles are not allowed. Items containing sugar should not be sent to school. Acceptable treats include animal crackers, fruit cups, granola bars, pretzels, goldfish, etc. SCS policy states that food items should be bought and not homemade.

Deliveries to Students
Items such as lunches, textbooks, supplies, clothing, projects, and glasses are to be left in the school office for delivery. Parents are not allowed to deliver these items to the classroom. Delivery of commercial products such as flowers are limited to the office and discouraged as they often cause disruptions to instructional time. Students will be allowed to view the product in the office. Parents must arrange to transport the product home.

Personal Property
Label all items such as coats, book bags, lunch boxes and other articles of value. It is best not to bring anything of value, including large amounts of money to school. The school is not responsible for loss or damage of personal property. Lost items are placed in the lost and found receptacles located in the hall outside the library. These items will be disposed of at the end of each grading period.

Shelby County provides textbooks for our students. Each student should take proper measures to care for all books. Textbooks must be covered. Any damage to textbooks issued to the student will result in a fine. It will be the student’s responsibility to know where his/her textbooks are at all times. If a student loses a textbook, he/she will be required to pay for the book before a second book can be issued.

The Southwind Elementary staff is committed to providing optimal educational opportunities in a safe and orderly environment. We follow an assertive discipline plan with developmentally appropriate rewards and consequences to reinforce rules. Specific discipline plans are explained in detail at grade level Parent Nights. Repeated noncompliance and major infractions will be referred to the administration. Disciplinary referral forms will be sent to parents when administrators determine student misbehavior warrants this measure. Parents are asked to sign and return the referral forms.

Parent-Teacher conferences serve an important role in maintaining proper communication between the school and home. Call the school office at 756-2325 to arrange a conference with your child’s teacher. Please allow two days notification for the teacher. Impromptu conferences will not be held between 8:45 AM and 4:00 PM.

Evaluation of Student Academic Progress
The school year is divided into four 9-week periods for which a report card is sent to parents. A student must be enrolled for at least one day more than one-half the period in order to receive a report for that period.

Interim reports are usually sent home after the 4tth week of the grading period. Parents are to sign these reports and return them to the teacher.

Graded papers are sent home each Tuesday in the Tuesday folder. This is a significant component of the parent/teacher communication system at Southwind Elementary. Parents should review the work and return this folder and/or papers as requested by the teacher. The school should be contacted if a parent is not consistently receiving graded papers so that additional measures may be implemented to ensure that success of our parent communication system.

Many students and staff have asthma and allergies. Students are not allowed to wear cologne or perfume. Strong odors can trigger asthma and allergy attacks and cause breathing problems.

Parents can monitor their child’s grades through the Power School program. The website is: http://ps.scsk12.org/public

Grading Scale
Academic Grading System: A= 93-100, B=85-92, C=75-84, D=70-74, F=69 and below

Honor Roll
Principal Honor Roll - A student must have all “A’s” and an “E” in conduct and in MAPS classes.
Teacher Honor Roll- A student must have 2 or more “A’s” and the rest “B’s” with a “G” or “E” in conduct and in MAPS classes.

A student who has been suspended can not be on the honor roll.

If a child must take a prescription medication during school hours, an adult must bring the medication to the school office and complete a medical authorization form prior to school staff administering the medication. All medications must be in properly labeled pharmacy bottles consistent with the authorization form. Pharmacists will provide an extra-labeled prescription bottle upon request. A two-week supply may be kept at school. Students MUST NOT transport medication or medical equipment to school. These are to be brought to the school office by an adult. For liquid medications, an accurate measuring spoon or dosage cup must be included or the medication cannot be administered to the student. No over-the-counter medications are to be given at school unless with physicians orders. Parents must arrange for an adult to pick up unused medicines.

Our parent volunteers staff our student health room. A child is sent to the health room by their teacher if they complain of a stomach ache, headache, sore throat, physical injury or just does not feel well. Children must be picked up if their temperature is 100 degrees or more. If your child has been running fever, please do not send him/her to school to spread the illness to other students. Compliance with this request will help prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Since our health room depends totally on parent volunteers, please do not forget to sign up to help in our clinic. Any time you can give whether a half-day or a whole is greatly needed.

Book Store
All basic items on the beginning school supply list are available for purchase right here at school. The bookstore is located in the front hall of the school. The bookstore is open each morning from 8:45 AM until 9:05 AM. Seasonal items, as well as those hard to find Science Fair project boards will be available.

Dress Code
Southwind students are expected to be well groomed at school and at all school functions. Dress that is disruptive to the educational environment is not allowed. Parents will be notified when clothing is inappropriate. Students must follow the dress code established by the Shelby County Board of Education. For more information please see the SCS Student Handbook.

Intercom Messages
There will be no intercom messages during the school day. All announcements will be made during the morning and afternoon homeroom periods. Teachers check their boxes for messages in the morning, before lunch and after school. School officials will not interrupt classroom instructions to deliver a message to a student or call a student out of class except for emergencies. Please send a note to the teacher if you plan to check your child out early so class will not be disrupted by an intercom message.

Field Trips
Field trips are in accordance to the educational objectives of the instructional program. Transportation arrangements for chaperones will be coordinated through the administrative liaison for field trips. Only teachers, adult chaperones, and the Southwind students for whom the field trip is planned may go on the school sponsored field trips. Arrangements to volunteer as a chaperone for field trips should be made through the classroom teacher. Parents must meet all buses at the field trip destination. Parents should not follow buses to the field trip site.

Students and parents should review Bus Rules before a student begins to ride the bus. Bus rules are found in the handbook. The Shelby County Handbook should be reviewed by parents and students.


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