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Principal's Message

Dear Westside Parents & Students,

The staff of Westside Elementary School is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and responsive learning environment for all of our children.  We will continue to work diligently to provide rigorous instruction, create student centered classrooms, and maintain high expectations for our students.  It is our responsibility to enhance and strengthen the role of our school as an integral part of the local, as well as, the global community.

As your principal, I will work to embody the essence of a servant leader and make myself available to you as well as the Frayser community.  As the school's instructional leader, I value relationships with staff, students, families, and the community and I'm committed to ensuring academic success for all students.  We will utilize professional learning communities so that teachers can effectively share best practices and know that their opinions are valued.  We will also utilize common assessments to formulate weekly instructional plans.  It is our goal to educate the "whole child" by integrating differentiated instruction and technology.

We are excited about this school year and will work diligently to ensure a quality education is given to all students.  At Westside Elementary we are "dedicated to excellence" in all that we do.

Kimberly Adams


Westside Elementary

Love Westside, Absolutely!








Message from the PLC Coach

Dear Westside Parents & Students, 

Welcome to Westside Elementary, where our children are loved and love to learn!  I am proud to be the PLC Coach of this outstanding level 5 school. I am committed to helping provide the best learning environment for all of our students.  I feel that every student, parent, teacher and staff member plays a vital role in helping our students achieve the academic, social and emotional goals we have set for them. Westside Elementary is a school committed to excellence in education.  I look forward to working with each of you and sharing another successful and rewarding school year! We Love Westside ABSOULTELY!!!!

Dr. Kimberly Dorsey-Crochrell

PLC Coach

Westside Elementary School


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