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Optional Schools Requirements

Applicants to the Optional Program must have the following:

  • A's and B's with no more than one C on the most recent comprehensive report card as a semester average.
  • Scores at or above the 80th percentile on the Reading/Language Arts subtest or its equivalent AND on the Mathematics subtest or its equivalent on a current nationally normed or the TCAP Achievement Test.
  • Satisfactory conduct and attendance (including promptness to school and to each class).  A total of more than 15 absences and/or tardies is considered unsatisfactory.
  • To remain in the Optional Program, students must maintain an average of C or above in each subject, each semester, and the entrance requirements for conduct and attendance. 
  • Students who are accepted into the Optional Program at White Station Middle School and who meet renewal requirements will be accepted into the White Station High School Optional Program on a continuation basis.
  • Final approval is contingent upon review of the student's final report card.
Course Offerings

WSMS offers a variety of enriched academic programs:

  • Honors Language Arts
  • Creative Learning in a Unique Environment (CLUE)*
  • Honors Mathematics
  • Honors Algebra I (high school credit)*
  • Honors Geometry (high school credit)*
  • Honors Science
  • Honors Physical Science (high school credit)*
  • Honors Social Studies/American History
  • World Languages
    • Chinese Exploratory and Chinese I (high school credit)*
    • French Exploratory and French I (high school credit)*
    • Japanese Exploratory and Japanese I (high school credit)*
    • Latin Exploratory and Latin I (high school credit)*
    • Spanish Exploratory, Spanish I (high school credit)*, Spanish II (high school credit)*
  • Fine Arts
    • Art
    • Beginning Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band
    • Beginning Choir, Mens' Choir, Womens' Choir, Chorale
    • Beginning Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra
    • Creative Dramatics
  • Other Exploratory
    • Facing History and Ourselves
    • Health
    • Keyboarding/Computer
    • Physical Education

*  Students must meet eligibility requirements to participate.  These courses have prerequisites and participation is dependent on grades from the previous school year and standardized achievement test results.


Contact:  Lesa Holt, Optional School Coordinator

Phone: 416-2079
Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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