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Most Recent Notable Accomplishments
  • Recognized as a National Magnet School of Excellence by Magnet Schools of America
  • Level 5 TVAAS school (highest score) in all content areas for student growth
  • Top 5 ranking for the last five years in National Math and Science League competitions
  • Top 10 national ranking in the American Mathematics Competition
  • 1st place in Tennessee and Southeast Region in eCYBERMISSION STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) competition
  • Top ranking in Algebra I and Geometry in Tennessee Mathematics Teachers' Association contest
  • Numerous other local, state, and national awards in academics and performing arts


2017-2018 Recognitions
  • Chamber Orchestra will be performing at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts before the Memphis Symphony Concert on Saturday, March 3.
  • The WSMS Science Olympiad Team competed in the Christian Brothers University Regional on 2/24. The team earned 12 first place awards, 9 second place awards, and 2 third place awards.   Overall WSMS place first in the region.  This gave them a bid to the State Competition at University of Tennessee in Knoxville on 4/7.  Congratulations to all team members: Bereket Birbo, Grace Chang, Jennifer Chiu, Hugh Ferguson, Jason H'ng, Aayush Jain, Yash Khiraya, Dhrithi Kota, Elaine Lee, Yuriq Martin, Vijval Nataraja, Aryan Rajesh, Minnathi Reddivari, Shaniya Thomas, Medha Vijayanand, Ray Wu, Annie Zhao.
  • Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Science Bowl! They traveled to the West Kentucky Regional in Paducah, KY on 2/2 to represent WSMS.  These students showed the Spartan Spirit!!  The teams were: Team A: Abby Cassius, Jacob Gieser, Jonathan Mehrotra, Riya Pramod (Captain), and Amanda Zhou;  Team B: Shivam Aarya (Captain), Soumya Bandaru, Spoorthi Marada, and Shivani Menon. Team A finished with a record of 6-1 and the third place price.  Medals were given to each member.  WSMS received a trophy and $250 cash price. Team B finished 1-3.  With so many young students on the team, we look forward to next year.  Thank you to Richard NeSmith, Joe Reed, and Evelyn Keating for reading questions to the team during practices. Thank you to all the parents/families for making the trip to Paducah, KY!
  • Congratulations to the following students who were recently named winners in the Poetry Society of Tennessee Eye Poem Contest:
    • 1st Place Samuel Shiberou
    • 2nd Place Brindha Kottu
    • 3rd Place Rishab Prakash
    • 4th Place Anika Bhatt
    • 5th Place Shaniya Thomas
    • 6th Place Renata Bayazitova
    • 7th Place Anila Fariab
  • Congratulations to the following seventh-grade students who were winners in the recent contest sponsored by the Poetry Society of Tennessee:
    • First Place - Alma Gahlaut
    • Second Place - Sarah Forrester
    • Third Place - Zora Cunningham
    • Fourth Place - Emma McLean
    • First Honorable Mention - Laura Lang
    • Second Honorable Mention - Pablo Storch
  • Congratulations to the seventh and eighth-grade WordSmith Teams! In fierce competition Sunday at the University of Memphis against 50 public, private, and parochial schools, these students gave an outstanding effort in the annual writing compeition:
    • Mandy Cassius (8th grade) won third place in the 120-word dash.
    • Amrutha Kosanam (8th grade) won third place in the 80-word dash.
    • Jeanna Barnes (7th grade) won third place in the 40-word dash and honorable mention in the 80-word dash.
  • ELITE Students for the 2nd Nine Weeks: 

The following students have been recognized as ELITE Spartans for the 2nd Nine Weeks:

  • 6th Grade:
    • Gladiators: Kate Browne and Thomas Thornton
    • Nike: Shana Hoang and Stevlen Morris
    • Supernovas: Jill Nied and Tyler Yang
  • 7th Grade:
    • Alpha Centauri: Olivia Burns and Harrison Jones
    • Falcons: Aimee Zhou and Charlie Hatley
    • Wonderkids: Alexandra Shirley and Eduardo Torres
  •  8th Grade:
    • Eagles: Evelyn Jordan and Gilbert Hayes
    • Pacesetters: Jessica Morales and Javier Castrejon
    • Superstars: Gahana Nagireddy and Ben Roan

Congratulations to these students for earning this distinction by continually exhibiting our core values of Excellence, Learning, Integrity, Teamwork, and Empathy.  Well done, Spartans!

  • The following are winners from Mrs. Patrick's Creative Writing classes and are going to be published authors from the Fall Poetry Contest for Poetic Power: Logan Ahern, Hudi Alabsawi, Chitkala Alli, Jwana Aloquili, Jazlyn Anderson, Charles Andrews, Soumya Bandaru, Conner Blumkin, Kate Blount, Zeyhan Boodhwani, Tanner Bozant, Qwanza Bryson, Gabrielle Clark, Stella Cooley, Calla Coonin, Sorbari Deekae, Olivia Dupree, Shane Eaton, Vivian Fan, Jason Fang, Andrew Ford, Isabella Gatti, Jacob Geiser, Trip Gipson, Mark Goldberg, Riley Goodman, Kylie Grant, Amaya Green, Toni Green, Nathan Gruber, Karina Hernandez, Deja Jenkins, Xavier Jones, Aanya Kabra, Matthew Kelley, Susie King, Brandon Kissell, Adith Kotha, Max Laumann, Grace Leav, Sydney Lee, Flannery Lemmonds, Claire Lino, Dorian Locklyn, Donovan Locklyn, Taylor Matthews, Garrett McNeill, Jonathan Mehrotra, Sindhura Meka, Jonathan Mintz, Shania Moore, Hannah Nash, Lillian Nazarova, Jill Nied, Dylan Nixon, James Oattis, Eshaan Patnaik, Anna Pham, Kirana Richmond, Aiden Rocco, Penelope Sandlin, Simon Schoenberger, Hannah Sedory, Brennen Seltzer, Peter Shi, Holden Smythe, Chase Stone, Eleni Terhune, Sarah Terhune, Clark Thomas, Thomas Thornton, Eric Tran, Joe Tunstall, Wendy Villa, Raksha Visvanathan, Emily Wei, Joshua White, Audrey Wilkerson, Kamryn Wilks, Rylie Williams, Xavier Williams, Allen Xie, Abby Xu, Emmy Yang, Tyler Yang, Tasneem Yates, Maya Zelinski, Lena Zeng
  • The following students earned distinction and awards in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards:
    • Jennifer Chiu Gold Key Flash Fiction 2014.04.16
    • Jennifer Chiu Gold Key Short Story Taro Pudding
    • Minnathi Reddivari Gold Key Critical Essay Know-It-All
    • Minnathi Reddivari Silver Key Short Story 6315 Days 
    • Grace Chang Honorable Mention Short Story Burnt Sienna 
  • Congratulations to the following students for qualifying for the National History Bee Regional Finals. It will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas in March. This is the largest qualifying group to represent WSMS in the Regionals. We wish them luck to advance to the National History Fair:
    • Sharvika Natra
    • Saul Bolanos
    • Saranya Thota
    • Nidheesh Singh
    • Minnu Reddivari
    • Luke Parker
    • Lillian Nazarova
    • Lena McMillin
    • Khalifa Clark
    • Jennifer Chiu
    • Jeanna Barnes
    • Jazmin Trejo
    • Harishita Nagireddy
    • Franky Rayo
    • Fernando Montiel
    • Caleb Lambright
    • Brian Le
    • Arianna Hong
    • Ammie Spellings
    • Amira Raba
    • Alexandra Shirley
    • Alan Zhou
    • Abhi Lingareddy
  • Congratulations to the 2017-2018 WSMS MathCounts members who participated in the Memphis Area Chapter Competition Saturday, February 3rd. Members include:
    • Raj Gosain
    • Ray Wu
    • Ethan Yang
    • Bhavesh Kotta
    • Amanda Zhou
    • Riya Pramod
    • Kaustubh Koya
    • Andrew Green
    • Alan Zhou
    • Adith Kotha

As a team, Raj Gosain, Ray Wu, Ethan Yang, & Bhavesh Kotta placed 2nd overall in the competition. Individual awards included: 2018 Countdown Winners: Ray Wu (3rd place), Ethan Yang (4th place). Top 10 placement & advancement to state competition in March: Ray Wu (3rd place); Raj Gosain (4th place); and Ethan Yang (5th place).

Mrs. Hammond would also like to thank the team’s White Station High School student coaches: Kevin Luo, Angus McKee, and Andrew Wu for their dedication each week to the students.

  • Friday, February 2, the White Station Middle School Debate Team competed against debate teams from across Shelby County in a tournament at Ridgeway Middle School.

The following students won individual speaker medals:

    • 1st place - Martha Humber
    • 2nd place - Mekhi Moore
    • 4th place - Sofia Gosain
    • 5th place - Anila Fariab
    • 8th place - Arya Rajesh
    • 10th place - Zora Cunningham
    • 17th place - Sharvika Natra
    • 20th place - Amrutha Kosanam

Team trophies were awarded to:

    • 7th place - Mekhi Moore and Saranya Thota
    • 6th place - Anna Calvo and Ashley Williams
    • 3rd place - Anila Fariab and Hannah Lam
    • 2nd place - Sofia Gosain and Shaniya Thomas

The WSMS Debate Team won the Sweepstakes Award for the most wins this season!  Congratulations to all of the debate team members for your hard work and dedication!


  • Congratulations to the following students for their top scores in the American Mathematics Competition:
    • Ray Wu:  AMC 8 Score: 20
      • First place winner at our school
      • Honor Roll of Distinction: Scored in the top 1% nationally
    • Ethan Yang: AMC 8 Score: 19
      • Second place winner at our school
      • Honor Roll Certificate: Scored in the top 5% nationally
    • Raj Gosain: AMC 8 Score: 17
      • Third place winner at our school
      • Honor Roll Certificate: Scored in the top 5% nationally
  • Congratulations to these White Station Middle School Band students for auditioning and ranking among the top band students in West Tennessee! These students will now go on to perform in the Cannon Center during the annual All West Tennessee Honor Band.
    • Preston Brent
    • Isabelle Smith
    • Grace Chang
    • Amanda Zhou
    • Dhrithi Kota
    • Alice Chao
    • Amyah Wright
    • Ray Wu
    • Ellie Pappas
    • Leslie Avila
    • Coleman Stephens
    • Mhyla McCurrie
    • Ben Fowler
    • Sandy Nguyen
    • Sophia Aiello
    • Jaqueline Krupinski - alternate
    • Forrest Dixon - alternate
  • Congratulations to the following students for earning awards for their art work from the 2018 Mid-South Scholastic Art:
    • Regional Sponsored Awards (Overall Regional Awards)
      • Best-in-Show - Grace Chang - Blue Heaven
      • First Place -  Aayush Jain - Modern Grandma
      • Third Place - Jason Tang - Imagination Box
    • Mid-South Region 7-12 Award Recipients
      • Grace Chang 8 Honorable Mention Ceramics & Glass - Aqua Vines
      • Grace Chang 8 Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration - Watchcat!
      • Grace Chang 8 Gold Key Drawing and Illustration - Blue Heaven
      • Aayush Jain 8 Silver Key Painting - Sid
      • Aayush Jain 8 Gold Key Drawing and Illustration - Dadima
      • Aayush Jain 8 Gold Key Drawing and Illustration - Modern Grandma
      • Aayush Jain 8 Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration - Sadmad
      • Hannah Lam 7 Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration - Lost in a Daydream
      • Spoorthi Marada 7 Silver Key Ceramics & Glass - Bird of Pride
      • Jason Tang 7 Gold Key Ceramics & Glass - Imagination Box
      • Alice Yuan 8 Silver Key Drawing and Illustration - Alter Ego (Self Portrait)
      • Alice Yuan 8 Silver Key Sculpture - Prudence at the Park
      • Alice Yuan 8 Honorable Mention Mixed Media - Paper Wings
      • Angela Yuan 8 Gold Key Sculpture - Sunday Brunch
      • Angela Yuan 8 Silver Key Drawing and Illustration - On the Beach
      • Annie Zhao 8 Silver Key Drawing and Illustration - Wish You Were Here
      • Annie Zhao 8 Silver Key Drawing and Illustration - Steps Through Black to White
      • Annie Zhao 8 Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration - Just for a Moment (Self Portrait)
  • Congratulations to Alexandra Shirley for winning the school Spelling Bee and to Grace Chang for being the runner-up. Great job ladies!
  • Congratulations to the elected officers of the 2017-2018 White Station Middle School Student Council:
    • President: Matthew Kim
    • Vice President: Ray Wu
    • Treasurer: Abhi Lingareddy
    • Secretary: Bhavesh Kotta
    • Public Relations: Natela Bonaparte
    • Sponsors: C. Werner, J. Blanton
  • November 17th, the Debate Team competed with middle schools across Shelby County in a tournament at Kirby High School.
    • The following students won individual speaker medals:
      • Sofia Gosain: 14th place
      • Morgan Johnson: 11th place
      • Renata Bayazitova: 7th place
      • Shaniya Thomas: 5th place
      • Ira Sharma: 4th place
      • Mekhi Moore: 3rd place
      • Zora Cunningham: 2nd place
      •  Arya Rajesh: 1st place
    • Team trophies were awarded to the following teams:
      • Martha Humber and Moriah Conley: 5th place
      • Ira Sharma and Skylar Robinson: 4th place
      • Sofia Gosain and Shaniya Thomas: 3rd place
      • Morgan Johnson and Zora Cunningham: 2nd place
      • Arya Rajesh and Renata Bayazitova: 1st place
  • Congratulations to the Spartan Swim Team on their meet November 11th. We have had a great start to the season.  Sandy Nguyen placed 4th in the 50-yard breaststroke. Holden Smythe placed 5th in the 100-yard individual medley and 4th in the 50-yard butterfly. Paxton Smythe placed 8th in the 100-yard medley and 3rd in the 100-yard Freestyle.  The 200-yard freestyle relay consisting of William Walker, Holden Smythe, Luke Parker and Tej Maradana placed 3rd. Overall the girls placed 7th and the boys placed 4th in the league. Way to go Spartans!
  • Congratulations to our 8th graders who competed at Briarcrest Regional Art Show. Amanda Zhou won a 2nd place award and seventy-five dollar award.   Alice Yuan won an Honorable mention.
  • The following students have been recognized as ELITE Spartans for the 1st Nine Weeks:

6th Grade

  • Gladiators: Hallie Bolland and Alan Zhou
  • Nike: Jazmin Trejo and Tyler Covington
  • Supernovas: Ira Sharma and Peter Fransioli

7th Grade

  • Alpha Centauri: Amara Sok and Casey Curry
  • Falcons: Tesnime Abdullahi and Ronan Tollefsen
  • Wonderkids: Spoorthi Marada and Kylan Williams

8th Grade

  • Eagles: Matt Stewart and Ryan Guerrero
  • Pacesetters: Reece Knowles and John McCallister
  • Superstars: Mandy Cassius and Robert Randall

Congratulations to these students for earning this distinction by continually exhibiting our core values of Excellence, Learning, Integrity, Teamwork, and Empathy.  Well done, Spartans!

  • Thirty WSMS students competed in the Gallatin Fall Invitational Quiz Bowl Tournament. This event is a NAQT Middle School National Championship qualifying event. This year, we competed for four available national qualifying spots. WSMS earned two of those spots. Our A Team and B Team are going to the National Championship in Chicago! This year's national championship is in Chicago on May 11-12. Qualifying students: Robert Randall, Raj Gosain, Abhi Lingareddy, Shawn Meng, Minnu Reddivari, Jasmine Meekins, Vijval Nataraja, and Aayush Jain. 
  • Rebecca Reed of White Station Middle School was recently nominated as a finalist for the Tennessee Science Teachers Association Higher Education Educator of the Year Award. Mrs. Reed was honored with this nomination for her achievements and dedication to science education. Only 29 teachers were selected as finalists across four categories from the state of Tennessee. Awards were made based on educational philosophy, experience, and leadership roles. Way to go, Ms Reed!
  • Congratulations to the WSMS Engineering Club. On Friday, October 20th they competed in the 2017 Engineering Day Competitions at the University of Memphis.  Thank you to Ms. Brown, Ms. T. Jones, Ms. A. Reed and Ms. R. Reed for sponsoring events!!!



    1. WSMS Perseus: Darsh Shah, Indira Mummareddy, Kastubh Koya, Naisha Panjwani
    2. WSMS Dinosaur: Aauysh Jain; Ethan Yang; Dhrithi Kota, Grace Chang, Kate Blount
    3. WSMS AEA: Angela Yuan, Alice Yuan, Emily Hu

K'NEX Building:

    1. WSMS 1: Sydney Chase, Ray Wu, Mandy Cassius, Abby Cassius
    2. WSMS 2: Riya Pramod, Matthew Kim, Elina Salian, Robert Randall
    3. WSMS 3: Minnathi Reddivari, Whitney Chen, Jennifer Chiu, Sophia Campbell


  • Congratulations to Ms. Rumage and Mrs. Carr for receiving a First Book grant for $1,850.  The grant will benefit community service projects conducted by our Library Service Club.
  • Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Student Council:

7th grade: Tessa Allen, Natela Bonaparte, Hannah Heaston, Hannah Lam, Luigi Mayores, Ndeye Niang, Charles Santo, Ray Wu

8th grade: Khalifa Clark, Camille Clippinger, Moriah Conley, Talisa Elliott, Matthew Kim, Bhavesh Kotta, Abhinay Lingareddy, Shawn Meng, Emma Squires, Mary Stanley, MaKaylia Walton, Aryana Ward, Jialin Zhou

  • This school year's first middle school debate and chess tournament was held Friday, September 29, at White Station Middle School.

Congratulations to the following students from the White Station Middle School Chess Team. Undefeated players: Tigo Le (8th grade), Pablo Sturch (7th grade), Kaustubh Koya (8th grade), and Jonathan Mehrotra (6th grade student). The team received 2nd place out of the schools in attendance.

There were 115 debate students from schools across Shelby County who competed in the tournament at White Station Middle Friday, September 29.  Individual speaker medals were earned by Amrutha Kosanam (14th), Arya Rajesh (13th), Nyla Johnson (12th), Anna Calvo (7th), Morgan Johnson (2nd), and Zora Cunningham (1st). The team of Arya Rajesh and Renata Bayazatova won 4th place, and Zora Cunningham and Morgan Johnson earned the 1st place team trophy. Congratulations to the WSMS Debate Team!

  • White Station Middle School’s DDT Club, students, and staff are donating 75 pair of recyclable glasses. Our students in the DDT Club (Dickson, Doers, & Thinkers) chose giving the gift of sight as our school service project for the 1st nine weeks of school. Members wrote and read school-wide announcements about the eyeglass drive. They also made signs, decorated boxes and tracked collected glasses for the entire month of September. We would like to thank you for what you do to change lives as well. It was great to participate in the Project 20/20 program.
  • WSMS Football team finished their season in the semi-finals of the County Playoffs. The Spartans finished with a record of 6-4.   Thanks to all the players and parents for their hard work and support throughout the season. We are excited about our returning players for next year and are looking forward to continuing our tradition of football excellence.
  • The volleyball team is the #1 seed going into the tournament. They will play in the WSMS gym Monday at 5 for the first round of the tournament. If they win Monday, they'll play Tuesday at Airways at 5 for the SCIAA championship.
  • The Girls' Soccer team ended the regular season undefeated in district play, and 10-2 overall.  The playoffs begin on Saturday with the Lady Spartans taking on Hickory Ridge in the city/county semi-finals. That game will take place at Cordova High School; game time is 10:30 a.m.  If the girls win on Saturday, they will advance to the City/County Championship game Monday evening at Melrose Stadium.


    2017 White Station Lady Spartans:
    • 8th Graders:  Abby Cassius, Ainsley Grant, Dalis Hawkins, Abby Israel, Mia Mosby, Cameron Moseley, Ahava Salomon, Annie Wilford
    • 7th Graders:  Brinnley Kennedy, Lilly Lee, Hannah Meadows, Mackenzie Stanton, Yaritza Trejo, Mary Williams, Kaitlyn Yates
    • 6th Graders: Jill Nied, Cristal Tellez, Jazmin Trejo


Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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