. . . Classroom Technology


Schedule - month, week, or day

Teach students how to use the application

Assignments - simple, specific with printed directions

Students need to know what you want and how to find it

Practice saving, give it a special name

Story board if using graphics

Use original artwork whenever possible

Prewriting - stories, reports, etc. and checked by teacher

Complete sentences with proper punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and spelling

Stress Spelling!

Copyright "rules" always own words

Search: Google, Bing, Wikipedia - Internet use specific sites

Technology Projects for Students

Excellent site for Reports is Comiclife

Give each student a question (on the same topic) to research and write a report

Search for interesting (unfamiliar) facts about a topic

Research Tennessee attractions

Wordprocessing: Book reports, newspapers, stories, poems, essays, timelines, etc.

Report on what they learned studying a particular topic or interpreting data - Report on person, place or thing

Newspaper format great for reports on Revolutionary War or character as in Davy Crockett, community helpers, interviews with real or imaginary (fungus, protist, plant)

Illustrate glossary vocabulary for science, math, etc.
Comiclife has templates

AppleWorks 6 has lots of templates to use...click on tabs at the bottom of starting points

Great Teacher Tools and Websites

Google: Alerts, Earth, Map, Docs, Mail
Delicious - Tasty bookmarks collections
iKeepBookmarks - Upload and keep your bookmarks
. . . organized
iEtherPad - web-based word processor which allows
. . . people to work together in real time
Wallwisher - on line collaboration tool using sticky
. . . notes on a wall
Certificates - print award certificates
Printliminator - bookmark with simple tools to use
. . . to help make printing better from websites
Twiddla - team web-based meeting for swapping
. . . ideas and images
Wordle - (fun) generate "word clouds" from text
. . . that you provide...greater prominence of word
. . . large the text
Doodle - online scheduling tool
KickYouTube- use at home to download videos from
. . . YouTube to bring to school
Yolink - browser add-on which helps with internet
. . . searches
Teachertube - teaching resources as in YouTube
Trackstar.4teachers.org - helps instructors organize
. . . and annotate Web sites for use in lessons
Edublogger - create a blog for your classroom
Edblogs - Create a blog for your classroom
Theteachercafe - math tutoring, games, worksheets
Superteacherworksheets - printable worksheets for
. . . every subject

and many, many more on . . . .
iKeepBookmarks.com - -John Simi
Teacher sites: From John Simi - scs
Web2.0 Tools - All MAC friendly teacher sites
Pod Casts, Blogs, iWork, 0


Education World - Tools, templates, math & reading activities, clip art, etc. Plus sites for:
weather forecast,monthly calendar, math problems, quote of the day, word of the day, spelling lists, history, online worksheets (such as: Scavenger Hunt, writing bug), newspaper and tv news links, grammar lessons, science daily event, science experiment of the week, geography, logic games, Mystery Net, and joke of the week.

21 Things for the 21st Century Educator
provide training through an online interface for K-12 educators based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers