Memphis City Schools

Computer Lab Class

Grade 2


Computer Lab Lessons

Grade 2 PreTest

Computer Parts

  1. Computer Basics
  2. Mouse and the Keyboard
  3. Parts of the Computer


Input-Output Devices

  1. Sort Input/Output devices, & storage
  2. ABCya Input/Output devices
  3. Word Match

Hardware/ Software

  1. Sort hardware-software

Mouse Practice

  1. Bobby's Busy Bakery (drag/drop)
  2. Build a House (drag/drop)
  3. Make a Face
  4. Bees & Honey Skills Test


  1. Sunny Day Skies



  2. Dance Mat Typing
  3. Color Code the Keyboard Activity

Internet Safety

  1. Privacy Playground: 1st Adventure
  2. NetSmartz video: Personal Info
  3. AT&T Safety Land Game
  4. Brain Pop video: Internet Safety
  5. Brain Pop Quiz
  6. Sammy's Guide to Internet Safety


  1. NetSmartzKids: Password Wrap

Using the Computer to Practice Learning Skills

  1. Nouns and Verbs
  2. Kitten Hop, word recognition
  3. Marvin Makes Music Storybook
  4. Dolphin Feed, counting money
  5. Math Match
  6. 12 Months of the Year
  7. USA Geography Puzzle Map

MORE Using the Computer to Practice Learning Skills

  1. Contractions, Which One?
  2. K-2 Vocab. Syllable Game
  3. Match It Number Sense
  4. Time Travel, tell time
  5. Jumping Arrows, hand-eye
  6. Whack the Difference




  1. Snail Bob 2
  2. Sugar, Sugar
  3. Me and the Key 3
  4. A Bonte Winter


  1. Word Cloud
  2. Cat drawing
  3. Google Earth
  4. San Diego Zoo for Kids



  1. Unite for Literacy


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