Memphis City Schools

Computer Lab Class

Grade 3


Computer Lab Lessons

Grade 3 PreTest

Mouse Practice

  1. Use the Mouse
  2. Make a Cake
  3. Make a Pizza (drag/drop)
  4. Chateau Meddybemps


  1. Sunny Day Skies

Computer Parts

  1. Computer Parts Matching
  2. Find the Technology
  3. Sort hardware-software


  1. Rags to Riches

Input-Output Devices

  1. ABCYa Input/Output
  2. Input-Output Quiz


  1. Sort Input/Output devices, & storage

Operating Systems (OS) & Memory

  1. Operating system and memory quiz

File Extensions

Reference Materials
  2. Study-Zone: Library Media and Reference materials
  3. Study-Zone: Locating Specific Information
  4. Reference Scavenger Hunt Guided Practice
  5. Reference Scavenger Hunt 3rd-4th Grades



  1. CyberBee-Copyright Q&A

      Use for Scavenger Hunt:

  1. Download and save the Scavenger Hunt directions by clicking here.
  2. Copyright - Wikipedia
  3. USA Copyright Office
  4. Copyright Society of USA

     Sample Permission Letter:

  1. Copyright for Kids


    Citing Your Sources

  1. EasyBib
  2. Citation Machine


  1. Copyright Quiz



     Q1:  Enchanted Learning

     Q2:  Science Kids

     Q3:  Audubon

   Listen to 3 Bird Calls

     Q4:  Beauty of Birds

     Q5:  Birds of N. America

   Watch Video - click here

   Tail Feathers - click here


     Q6:  Project Beak




  1. Snail Bob 2
  2. Sugar, Sugar
  3. Me and the Key 3
  4. A Bonte Winter


  1. Word Cloud
  2. Australian map
  3. Podcast
  4. World map


  1. POW+TREELL Graphici Organizer

Using the Computer to Practice Learning Skills

  1. Spelling Bee Practice
  2. Nouns and Verbs
  3. Synonyms and Antonyms
  4. Number Grid Fireworks
  5. Base Ten Fun
  6. Learn to Count Money
  7. USA Map Puzzle
  8. World Geography Matching


MORE Using the Computer to Practice Learning Skills

  1. Anologies Game
  2. Context & Definition, Science
  3. Friction Ramp
  4. Motion Match It
  5. Watch video, George Washington Carver, Inventor
  6. Asia, Match It
  7. Grand Prix Multiplication
  8. Coconut Vowels



8 Great Podcasts for Kids

18 Best Podcasts for Kids

April Eight Songs and Stories



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