Memphis City Schools

Computer Lab Class



 Computer Lab Lessons

Using the Mouse


  1. Mouse and Pointer Tutorial
  2. Let's learn to click
  3. Baby Rose's Eyes
  4. Bees & Honey
  5. Learn the keyboard

Mouse Practice

(double-click, drag & drop)

  1. Make a Cake
  2. Make a Pizza


  1. Sunny Day Skies

Computer Parts

  1. Computer Basics
  2. The Mouse and the Keyboard
  3. Computer Parts Matching

Input-Output Devices

  1. Sort Input/Output devices, & storage

Hardware and Software

  1. Sort hardware-software

Internet Safety

  1. Cyber-Five  

  2. Privacy Playground
  3. NetSmartzKids: It's Ok to Tell

  4. Moby's Maze
  5. NetSmartzKids: Password Wrap


Using the Computer to Practice Learning Skills

  1. Upper & Lower Case Matching
  2. Read "Lilly, the Wild Cat" Storybook
  3. Connect the Dots, abc
  4. Marble Math
  5. Learning Coins
  6. Graphing
  7. Day of the Week

MORE Using the Computer to Practice learnign Skills

  1. Compound Words-Break it Up
  2. Carnival of Changes (Science: matter)
  3. Space Invaders (hand/eye)
  4. Logic, Sugar Sugar
  5. Logic, Snail Bob 2
  6. Catch the Candy Puzzle


  1. Snail Bob 2
  2. Sugar, Sugar
  3. Me and the Key 3
  4. A Bonte Winter


  1. Word Cloud
  2. Easter: A Kid's Heart
  3. Starfall
  4. Scholastic
  5. Chateau Meddybemps


































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