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Academic Intervention Services

Thank you for visiting the webpage of the Academic Intervention Program at Houston High School. On this page you will find information regarding the mission statement of the program, services provided to students, how to refer a student, as well as links to various academic resources available to Houston students.

Mission Statement:
Academic Intervention offers additional instructional strategies and tools above and beyond what is provided in classes in order to help students in all grades who are struggling academically. The goals of this program are to help students learn course material, prepare students for End of Course (EOC) testing and finals, attain a 100% graduation rate, build strong study and organizational habits, and develop and maintain the discipline it takes to be successful in school. The Academic Intervention Specialist serves as a liaison between the student and his or her teachers as well as his or her grade counselor.

What Academic Intervention Offers:

  • one on one and small group tutoring during school hours as well as before and after school (when previously scheduled).
  • Connection to additional academic resources available outside of the classroom, such as free tutoring opportunities at the school and Internet modules.
  • Test preparation for End of Course (EOC) testing and course finals.
  • Organizational techniques, study skills, and test taking strategies.
  • Structured and monitored time to complete course work and test preparation with a tutor available to supplement and improve studying.
  • Outlet for students to discuss academic concerns with and share these concerns with the appropriate counselor.

For Students

If you are looking to improve on your success in the classroom and on your tests, you have come to the right place. Here you will find resources for improving your understanding of course curriculum, test preparation/strategies, and information regarding working with the Academic Intervention Specialist.

Resources for Houston Students

Below are links to various Internet resources that can help you in your classes and tests.

Mustang Virtual Prep
MVP has great videos, tutorials, and lessons for students (some of these are prepared by your teachers). Shows math problems step-by-step and breaks down lessons from other courses. This material will be useful for both understanding your class work better as well as prep for End of Course testing. This site also has information for some AP courses and can be a great resource to stay sharp and work ahead between trimesters and during the summer. Check it out!

Please see a librarian for login information.

Links to Learning
Links to Learning has great End of Course test prep material. You can take practice tests and tutorials about concepts that will be on the test. This site also breaks down curriculum by concept (such as factoring or subject-verb agreement). Browse a course and watch the videos you want to watch! Sounds like a good resource during the summer and between trimesters as well.

See a librarian for login information.

ACT Online
Great ACT prep for the college-bound! See your English teacher for log in information.

If you need to access Compass for course recovery or any other reason, click above!

Tennessee Department of Education
If you want to prepare for your End of Course tests with paper copies of practice tests and practice problems or just simply want to know what will be on the test, this site is for you!

Mrs. Billet's Web Page
Mrs. Billet is your prevention counselor. Get to know her! Her site has GREAT test taking strategies, organizational and study tips, as well as other great resources for student to help them be successful at Houston. Taking five minutes to look around the links here would be a solid five minutes spent! She is always up for talking to students, so do not be afraid to get her email from the site and get into contact with her.

Nutshell Math
This webpage shows you video tutorials of math problems found in your book. You can use this for Geometry, Algebra I, and Algebra II. Goes step-by-step through example problems of assignments in your book! Just click "my texbook" then "select textbook" then click on the book that matches the book your class is using. Then it will ask you to type in a page number, and it will show you problems it works through. GREAT RESOURCE for high school math, especially Algebra II. Talk to Coach Gaylord or the Academic Intervention Specialist if you cannot get it to work.
Password: student

Before and after School Tutoring schedules



• Remember, you need a signed note from a teacher saying what you need to be working on in order to attend.
• This list is updated in September of each year.


Want to work with the AIS?

Feel like you need some help with class? Concerned about your upcoming EOC? Grades falling below a 70%? You may benefit from working with the Academic Intervention Specialist. If you feel like you are struggling in a class, make an appointment and talk to your guidance counselor.

For Parents

If you feel like your student could benefit from working in the intervention program, please contact your son's or daughter's guidance counselor. We will do our best to accommodate all interested in the program.

Also, please check out the "For Students" section of this webpage to see the various resources available to your son or daughter. These websites are extremely helpful, and give students the opportunity to have concepts and problems explained differently. The resources on this page will also help students stay sharp or work ahead when they are home between trimesters or on summer break!!


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