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About the STEM Program
Shelby County Schools has formed a partnership with the University of Memphis and community stakeholders to provide students with exciting learning experiences. Experiential learning includes real-world scenarios where students solve problems in teams and work with STEM professionals. This academic focus is a signature experience, which aims to ignite the interest of high school students in STEM courses and careers. High-tech, cutting edge equipment and applications, including concepts that are not often introduced until secondary or post secondary coursework, are among the aspects of the program.

2013 will be the inaugural year for the STEM Platform School of West Tennessee. The program will expand in scope as well as participation from its inception. By 2016, over 400 students will be selected to participate. 125 students will represent diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic groups selected based on academic performance, writing samples, and interest in STEM areas. Lead teachers will develop and deliver inquiry-based lessons, and present at regional and national conferences. This year's Fellows represent a rich diversity of strengths and expertise.
About Southwind High Stem School
The SHS STEM Platform School is an intensive course of study offering challenging math/science curricular to current SCS students. The program encourages rising 9th grade students to enroll in upper level math and science courses while exposing under represented minorities to academic and professional STEM fields. The mission is to make a rigorous post secondary education accessible to all students. The program is further developed to ultimately enhance communication skills through team building, career awareness, and leadership amongst peers while reinforcing positive self esteem.

SHS seeks to ignite students' interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics upper level; academic courses and professions. STEM focused analytical equipment and applications embedded in challenging curricula are among the aspects of the program. Student learning is accomplished through problem–based activities and through inquiry-based learning that reflect real world investigations. Other content areas, such as writing, geography, and economics, are integrated into each project to expose students to a learning experience with a metacognitive approach. The goal of the program is to encourage STEM students to enroll in higher-level science and math courses further preparing them for post secondary STEM experiences.

Southwind High School is a member of the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, West Tennessee Regional Hub Network, partners with Tigers Teach, and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
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