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Admission to the Honors Academy:

Honors Academy Brochure

Important Dates:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014- Information Night in HHS Auditorium- 6:30pm
Friday, Feb. 28, 2014
- Application deadline
March 17-28, 2014- Honors Academy Interviews
April 1, 2014- Acceptance Letters mailed

The following items must be submitted before a student will be considered for admission:

1. This Online Application Form complete with creative writing sample
(No paper copies accepted.)

2. Schedule an Interview
(Students will be directed to interview sign up on the confirmation page after completing the application).

3. Bring to Interview:
- Signed Statement of Intent Form
-Copy of the student's most recent report card, standardized test scores, attendance records, and discipline records. (These can be obtained from your school counseling office.) **NOT REQUIRED FOR CURRENTLY ENROLLED AT HOUSTON HIGH SCHOOL**

If you have any questions, please email


Honors Academy Calendar:

Click here to access the Honors Academy Calendar

Information for Current Academy Members:

Senior Project:

Senior Honors Academy members will complete a senior project to serve as a culminating experience to the high school career.

•This project can be an academic extension of the student’s elective focus or a community based project developed by the senior, in collaboration with a mentor.
•The senior project has a research, writing, and presentation component with a community need/interest component to showcase each senior’s unique focus and strengths.

Click Here for more Senior Project Information and Documents

What is the Honors Academy?

The Houston High School Honors Academy challenges students to pursue excellence both in academic coursework and school and community leadership. Members of the Academy have chosen to distinguish themselves academically and to participate actively in service to the school and local community.
Through the Honors Academy experience, students cultivate life skills such as leadership, cooperation, organization, and responsibility. During their senior year, Honors Academy members will complete a capstone project as a culminating experience that will carry them beyond their high school years.

What are the advantages of my student enrolling in the Honors Academy?

Honors Academy students acquire sophisticated academic skills and increased self-confidence in preparation for college by engaging in a rigorous course of study including honors, Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement Courses.

Academy members will also participate in a small learning community that focuses on character development and academic success. The community service requirements as well as the capstone project their senior year will help cultivate students into school and community leaders.

Academic Excellence
Research shows that students master in-depth content at the college level more easily after completing advanced coursework.

Honors Academy members will earn a combined total of at least 12 Honors, Advanced Placement, and/or Dual Enrollment credits in grades 9-12.

All students who complete the program will graduate from Shelby County Schools with an Honors Diploma. This rigorous program will put students in position to meet the state honors designation.

By completing the program, students will be in a position to be recognized as graduating with distinction from the Tennessee Departmen tof Education by obtaining a B average and completing at least one of the following:
• Earn a nationally recognized industry certification
• Participate in one the state's Governor's schools
• Participate in one of the state's All State musical organizations
• Be selected as a National Merit finalist or semifinalist
• Attain a composite score of 31 or higher on the ACT
• Attain a score of three or higher on at least two AP exams
• Earn twelve or more semester hours of post- secondary credit

Community Service

Honors Academy Service Log
(for current members)

Honors Academy members must complete 12 hours of community service each school year in the following areas:
• 3 hours of service to the school
• 5 hours specific to Honors Academy
• 4 hours may be hours completed to meet the service requirement of another club or organization

Community service consists of volunteer work completed by individuals (or an organization) to benefit the community or its institutions. This unpaid work is intended to be of social use to give back to the community.

Areas include: health care, child care, literacy training, education (including tutorial services), social services, housing and neighborhood improvement, crime prevention, recreation, and community improvement.

Leadership Development
The Houston High School Honors Academy members meet throughout the year for seminars that focus on leadership and character development. Regular attendance at these after school meetings is required.

During their senior year, Honors Academy members will complete a capstone project as a culminating experience. This project will be an academic extension of the student's elective focus or a community based project developed by the senior in collaboration with a mentor. The capstone project has a research, writing, and presentation component to showcase each senior's unique focus and strengths.

Admissions Requirements
Academic Requirements:
High academic achievement demonstrated through standardized test scores
Semester grades must consist of A's and B's with no more than one C
Satisfactory conduct and attendance

Application Process:
Complete Honors Academy Application Form
Sign Student/Parent Intent Form
Submit a copy of student's report card and nationally-normed or state- normed achievement test scores
Submit creative writing sample
Complete interview process


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