Progress Report

A Message from Dr. Joris M. Ray, Superintendent

Each and every day, my work is driven by my commitment to ensure all children have equitable opportunities to learn, achieve and follow their dreams.

Superintendent Progress ReportI am pleased to report we have made great progress in the Seven Key Steps Toward Destination 2025. I commit to continuing the strong collaboration with the Shelby County Board of Education to define success as they establish further measurable goals, and staff will develop and implement the plan that will achieve the identified goals.

To realize the goals of Destination 2025, we will have a laser-like focus on the following:

  1. Implement the Academic Equity in Action Plan
  2. Build internal capacity to support Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  3. Create a cohesive District-wide culture that focuses on students and families
  4. Embed the Servant Leadership methodology across the organization
  5. Effectively and efficiently align our resources
  6. Create a comprehensive Reimagining 901 plan (Footprint Proposal)
  7. Realize the District office transition

This is our time to make a difference, as we are currently standing together at a crossroads. We can either choose to continue with the status quo or move in a direction that allows us to not only succeed but also excel. I am asking you to join me on a path that allows us to make great strides by building on our current successes and forging new paths through innovative thinking and actions.

Thank you!

Dr. Joris M. Ray
Shelby County Schools