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Your day is coming!

We're showing teacher appreciation with SCS MyDay! Each Friday, with the exception of semester exam days, teachers with perfect attendance for the 2017-18 school year have the chance to win a surprise day off.

Perfect attendance is defined as a teacher who hasn't used any sick days and has only been absent from the classroom due to attending professional development and/or District business. Winning teachers are automatically given the next Monday off and a substitute of choice paid for by the District. Winners will be randomly selected from the perfect attendance pool. Will you be a winner?

Meet Our MyDay Winners!

  • Andrea Wilson
    Kindergarten, Levi Elementary

  • Ronald Martin
    Booker T. Washington High School
    Band Instructor

  • John Pitner
    8th Grade Math, Kate Bond Middle

  • Arianna Abelli
    Science Teacher, Bolton High School

  • Debra Balfour
    Music Teacher, Cherokee Elementary

  • Sylvain Okitotete
    Spanish Teacher, John P. Freeman

  • Gray Diana
    Classroom Teacher, Special ED | Avon Lenox School

  • Jamila Savage
    Classroom Teacher, K-5 | Gardenview Elementary