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The Electronic Field Trip (eFieldTrip) system is our web-based program for computerizing your field trip transportation when using Durham School Services (Durham). EFieldTrip is only for placing an order for a bus. It DOES NOT replace district procedures and approvals for requesting permission to take a field trip. The principal must log into the eFieldTrip system to approve all bus requests.

To access the eFieldTrip system, an username and password is required. Each school and district office is allowed four authorized users. The financial secretary or principal should email Audrey Williams, [email protected] and Phoncella Cowan, [email protected] the name of users requesting a username and password. District office personnel may email the above individuals directly and copy your office department head on the email. The instructions for navigating the system are available below.

eFieldTrip Quick Reference Guide

Durham requests a three day advanced notice for buses. The bus cost is $45.93 per hour (subject to change based on contract terms) with a minimum charge of two hours round trip. Durham’s charges are calculated based on gate to gate transportation. This should be taken into consideration when estimating your total hours and costs.

Generally, morning departure times will be 9:30 am; however Durham may be able to service a very limited number of requests with an earlier departure time. All students must be returned to school by 1:30 pm in order for drivers to run their home-to-school routes timely. The earliest departure time for afternoon trips is generally 4:30 pm; however Durham may be able to accommodate a limited number of earlier departure times based on driver availability. Please contact Durham directly regarding availability for earlier pickup and later return times.

If you need to cancel a bus, after the principal has approved the request, send an email to [email protected] and copy Audrey Williams, [email protected]. You will be billed a $91.86 minimum call-out charge if a bus is not cancelled within two hours of the requested pickup time.

Farmville (NG/NE) (901) 320-9356

Getwell (EG/EE) (901) 743-1093

Kentucky (SG/SE) (901) 948-0272

Grays Creek (GG/GE) (901) 380-0126

If you are unable to reach Durham personnel after normal office hours or in an emergency, call Stephen Wherry, Transportation Director (901) 412-6529.

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