New Students

Tennessee Students
Students transferring to Shelby County Schools from another school system in Tennessee may enroll in Shelby County Schools pending receipt of their academic and health records.

Out-of-State/Non-Public School Students
Students transferring to Shelby County Schools from out of state or a non-public school must provide the following items during registration:

  • Tennessee Department of Health Immunization Certificate with physical exam
  • Two (2) forms of proof of residence (see the proof of residence page for requirements)
  • Social Security Number (bring student’s Social Security card)


NOTE: A TN Department of Health Certificate of Immunizations is required for all Kindergarteners, 7th graders and new students registering fopr Shelby County Schools. TN Department of Health Certificates are available from private physicians and the health department. The certificate must be filled out by a medical provider showing all required immunizations. Click here for a sample certificate.

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