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    Published: Nov 15, 2013

    2013 State Report Card Shows Continued Growth for Both Legacy Districts

    The Tennessee Department of Education’s 2013 State Report Card was released Wednesday, November 13.  The Report Card is a compilation of results for achievement, value-added growth, accountability, graduation, attendance and other factors from the 2012-13 school year.


    Information made available for the first time on the 2013 Report Card includes letter grades for student achievement and value-added growth in grades K-8, as well as ACT scores and graduation rates for high schools.


    GROWTH: Value-added growth scores for both legacy districts surpassed the state average in every subject. Growth scores measure improvement from year to year. The greatest gains were seen in Math and Science, and both districts also improved by a full letter grade in Reading/Language Arts.
    * See chart at the bottom of the page.


    Legacy Memphis City Schools (MCS) earned an A in Math (up from a B), a C in Reading/Language Arts (up from a D), a B in Social Studies and an A in Science (up from a C). Legacy Shelby County Schools (SCS) earned an A in Math, a B in Reading/Language Arts (up from a C) and Bs in Social Studies and Science.


    ACHIEVEMENT: The achievement grade scale ranges from an A-excellent (55 and above) to an F-deficient (39 and below). As shown in the chart at the bottom of the page, letter grades for achievement in both legacy districts held steady in all but one subject compared to the 2012 Report Card, but actual achievement scores have increased in all subjects.
    * See chart at the bottom of the page.


    Legacy MCS received a D in Math (improved from 41 to 44), an F in Reading/Language Arts (improved from 37 to 38), a D in Social Studies (improved from F-39 to D-41) and an F in Science (improved from 35 to 38). Legacy SCS received an A in Math (improved from 57 to 60), an A in Reading/Language Arts (improved from 56 to 57), an A in Social Studies (improved from 61 to 63) and an A in Science (improved from 56 to 58).


    “I am very encouraged by the continued improvement we are seeing across the entire district,” said Superintendent Dorsey Hopson. “While we are outpacing the state in terms of growth, the letter grades we received in achievement show that we have significant work ahead of us. The gains do not happen overnight, but point by point we are improving, and we are committed to making sure all students in all schools are learning at a high level.”


    Composite ACT scores were slightly lower in both legacy districts, with legacy MCS scoring a 16.1 compared to a 16.4 last year and legacy SCS scoring a 20.7 versus a 20.8. Four-year graduation rates also decreased slightly in both districts, as well as the state, due in part to Tennessee’s 2013 graduating classes having to meet higher standards for the first time. The graduation rate for legacy MCS in 2013 was 67.6%, down from 70.3% in 2012. The rate for legacy SCS was 88% in 2013, down from 90.5% in 2012. The statewide graduation rate dropped from 87.2% to 86.3%.


    The 2013 State Report Card also includes previously released accountability data. View a district summary here:


    View the comprehensive 2013 State Report Card here:




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