Cerita Butler, Director
Procurement Services
160 South Hollywood Street, Room 126
Memphis, Tennessee 38112
Office: (901) 416-5376

Procurement Services

Cerita Butler, Director
160 South Hollywood Street, Room 126
Memphis, Tennessee 38112

(901) 416-5376



Important Notice to All Vendors

As you may be aware, Shelby County Schools and Memphis City Schools consolidated to form one unified school district on July 1, 2013.  If you would like to be a part of unified district’s common pool of vendors, please register as a new vendor with the unified district regardless of whether you are already a registered vendor with Memphis City Schools or Shelby County Schools.

If you have any questions, please contact Procurement Services at 901-416-5376.



Procurement Services is responsible for purchasing all goods and services for schools, offices, teachers and staff of the Shelby County Schools for the best dollar value. The Procurement Services Department is committed to bid practices that offer all vendors open and fair competition. The role of Procurement Services is to ensure that our customers have the appropriate tools to teach our children and to lead them into successful future beyond their years with the Shelby County Schools.



Procurement Services will be the leader in Procurement Best Practices and Strategic Sourcing for the District. The department will demonstrate commitment to the Community by implementing new strategies that will increase levels of spending with Local Small Business Enterprises through the Fair Business Plan and the Local Vendor Preference Program. Procurement subscribes to the standards of the National Association of Purchasing Management and the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.  We are members of the Tennessee Association of School Business Officials and follow the guidelines as outlined in Tennessee Code Annotated.

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