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Exemptions and Appeals


All students must take the benchmark assessments (including i-Ready and Mastery Connect) and TCAP assessments. The following students may be exempt by law:

  • Exceptional Ed. Students (case-by-case basis)
  • Students with a 504 (case-by-case basis)
  • Previously retained students
  • ELL students receiving less than 2 years of ELA instruction
  • Approved appeals to the TN Dept. of Education (see details below)
  • Retested students scoring proficient before the new year


When can an appeal be made?

A parent or legal guardian may submit an appeal form to the District no later than fourteen (14) days after their student is identified as at risk for retention based on their most recent TCAP test scores.

Who can appeal?

In third (3rd) grade, if a student's ELA performance was "approaching" on the most recent TCAP test, the parent or legal guardian may directly appeal to the Department.

A student's "at risk" status may be overturned if one (1) or more of the following grounds is met:

Ground 1

The student demonstrated growth above the national norm in the universal reading screener (i-Ready)


The student demonstrated growth in standards mastery based on the student’s scores on a state-approved standards-based benchmark assessment (Mastery Connect)

Ground 2

A catastrophic situation occurred during the days leading up to the 3rd grade ELA TCAP test administration that adversely impacted the student's performance.

(Examples of catastrophic situations: death of an immediate family member, loss of a family home, or significant medical diagnosis.)

Literacy Commitment Appeal Grounds

Literacy Commitment Appeal Grounds

Literacy Commitment Appeal Grounds (Spanish)

Literacy Commitment Appeal Grounds