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UPDATE: Re-Entry Task Force Meeting 1

Thursday, May 28, 2020

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  • Members discussed essential administrative aspects, such as meeting norms, meeting schedule and District demographics, before moving into strategic planning considerations.
  • Members heard an update from the SCS Facilities team on response efforts since schools closed in March, including deep cleaning at all SCS sites, PPE usage and social distancing guidelines for essential workers and safeguarding buildings with controlled and scheduled access.
  • Some of the key topics that emerged from members' initial conversations are listed below. These topics and others will drive strategic planning discussions in the weeks ahead.
    • Establishing a proactive health screening process for students
    • Identifying underlying health issues of students and staff
    • Providing adequate supplies of PPEs, thermometers, and essential screening supplies for schools
    • Responding to changing community health circumstances
    • Ensuring compliance with re-entry protocols
    • Refined oversight of cleaning procedures
    • Food safety
    • Bus safety
    • Ongoing progress to improve digital access/training for students, families and staff
    • Ensuring access to extracurricular activities
    • Enhanced wrap-around services for families, including childcare accommodations for students who cannot attend school due to illness
    • Identifying and adhering to the rights of students, families and staff regarding health and safety
    • Plans for consistent communication to families and staff
  • The next meeting will take place on Thursday, June 4. Discussion topics will include:
    • Potential impact of social distancing requirements
    • School day considerations (tutoring, clubs, activities, etc.)
    • Fiscal challenges
    • Risk management
    • Equity
    • Transportation
    • Social emotional support