Say Hello to Ed-Fi!
All the data you need. When you need it.

Logging Into Ed-Fi

Ed-Fi is a data warehouse that ALL SCS teachers and school administrators can access. The data warehouse includes current and historical student data:

  • attendance and discipline info
  • state and local assessment data
  • grades and credits
  • college and career readiness data
  • and more!
Note: Based on your role, you will have access to different information. As a teacher, you’ll only have access to your current students’ data. Administrators can view data for each student in the school.

With Ed-Fi, teachers will have access to more data than ever before! Here are just a few ways you can do MORE with the DATA:

  • Strategically plan for instruction and student grouping
  • Use data as a guide during teacher-parent conferences
  • Get to know new students and transfers
  • Plan interventions for academic, attendance and behavior needs
  • Plan PLCs and plan peer collaboration

Click here to log into Ed-Fi and view your data. Use your active directory username and password to access Ed-Fi.

Customer Support

We would love to hear your feedback. Please take our satisfaction survey so that we may continually improve available user resources and support. Remember, that all technical issues should still be reported through Footprints.

Data Concerns? If you see data in Ed-Fi that appears incomplete or inaccurate, be sure to check the original source (SMS, MLP, etc.) first to see if corrections need to be made there.
Still Need Help? If updating the source of information doesn’t resolve your issue, click here to visit the SCS Footprints page, then click the Ed-Fi icon to report the issue you are experiencing.

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