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Real Estate Sale/Lease Process

List /Description of Services Offered Building Acquisition or Rental:

  • Schedule initial planning meeting with district charter organizations and ASD charters to ascertain their space/facility needs and location preferences
  • Coordinate site visits to available district facilities
  • Ensure site access, execution of Waiver of Liability for each visitor, and conduct all facility tours
  • Provide square footage, acreage, year built, floor plans, aerial photographs, and utilities cost information for available district facilities, where available
  • Where available, provide current and historical information on facility physical needs assessments
  • Determine the condition of buildings and equate the FCI of the buildings with lease rate levels to provide general rental estimates (Contracts Office handles specifics as rental plans move toward finalization)
  • Provide appraisal information where available (for property sales)
  • In vacant buildings where tenant will not be leasing entire building, develop spatial arrangements for charter organizations/others confined to specific rental footprint  
  • Develop floor plan for collocations between district operations and charter school programs
  • Provide Exhibits and Attachments as requested by Contracts Office for MOUs/Contracts preparation (primarily concerning floor plans, spatial arrangements, and square footage information for the development of these documents)
  • Assist with initial physical set-up of charter school operations by arranging for security clearance, public meeting arrangements for charter school recruitment, transfer of building keys, etc.
  • In general, act as the primary point of communication regarding the leasing process in general as well as the primary source for updates on all available district properties

Provide data to SCS General Counsel’s Office with regard to district facilities for litigation purposes