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Mandated Health Screenings

Throughout the school year, we will be providing School-Based health screenings for the students of Memphis- Shelby County Schools. We will be screening to determine if your child has a health risk that needs medical attention, and/or might affect his/her classroom work. Screenings will be provided for Pre-K, Kdg, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th grade & 9th grade classes as follows: Vision, Hearing, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, and Scoliosis (Vision and Hearing are optional for 9th grade students)

There are no charges for these services. All information is private and confidential. If there is a need for further evaluation by a physician, a referral will be recommended. These screenings do not qualify as an examination, and parents are encouraged to make sure your child has annual medical check-ups as well as dental check-ups each year. Dates for screenings will be set by your local school. Call Health Promotions at 901-416-6432, if you have questions.



State Mandated Health Screening Videos




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