Retirement Insurance

2020-21 Retiree Health Information


Eligible employees must complete an enrollment form to continue benefits with Shelby County Schools.  Eligible employees must be enrolled in the SCS Retiree Medical Insurance to participate in the dental and/or the vision plan. 

Note: Should you lose coverage or cancel medical, dental and/or vision benefits for yourself and/or a dependent, you will NOT be allowed to reinstate coverage at any time (even if you lose coverage elsewhere).  There is no qualified event period to add your spouse/dependent(s) to retiree coverage (even if they lose coverage elsewhere).  To continue dependent coverage at retirement, the dependent(s) must be enrolled in your active health plan prior to retirement. 


Pre-65 Retirees - 3 Medical Plans Offered

Medical PlansRetiree ONLY Retiree + 1Family
OAP In-Network Plus $299.56$599.11$835.76
OAP Basic Option$271.87$543.73$758.49
Choice Fund HRA Option$246.27$492.52$687.07

Note:  Prior to your 65th birthday, you must enroll and provide a copy of your Medicare A&B card to Benefits to continue your coverage with Shelby County Schools.


View details about supplemental insurance plans here, and view a breakdown of rates for each plan here.

Dental & Vision for Pre-65 and Post-65 Retirees

You can not add dental/vision coverage if you did not have it prior to retirement. Your premium for dental and/or vision will be deducted from your TCRS retirement check. You must be enrolled in the SCS Retiree Medical Insurance in order to participate in the dental and vision coverage. Listed below are the costs:

SCS DPPO ($1500) Option (DENTAL ONLY)RETIREE ONLY Retiree + 1Family
SCS Basic Dental$25.79 (per month)$54.17$77.38
SCS Vision Plan$5.10 (per month)$9.77$15.84

Basic Life Insurance

Retirees are required to have basic life insurance prior to retirement to continue coverage at retirement. The coverage is 50% of your active coverage amount at retirement (you pay 25%) OR $10K coverage at no charge.  

To inquire about continuation of supplemental life insurance, go to (Policy Number: 34548 – Access Key: shelbycty) or call 1-866-365-2374.  Supplemental life insurance coverage election must take place within 31 days from your last day of coverage.

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