These bid tabulations are for Information Purposes Only. Bid Awards will be contingent upon evaluation by Staff and End Users. Bid Awards are made by Shelby County Schools Purchase Order Only. Download the latest adobe reader if you are not able to view files online.

Bid Tabulations Date
View #91815- SCBE 2015-2016 SY Produce - Central Kitchen (2nd Quarter Nov 2015-Jan 2016) July 2015
View #IFB #040220GJ Print/Bind SCS Curriculum Books December 1969
View #2806Nutrition Services - Serving Lines (Cordova Middle and Cordova High) December 1969
View ##050420RT - Bid Tabulations - John P. Freeman Optional School Cafeteria TV and Sound System December 1969
View #2525Bid Tabulation 2525 Classroom Lever Mortise Lock December 1969
View #05182020#05182020 Macon Hall ES Intercom Installations Bid Tab Results December 1969
View #Bid Tabulation 2540 Canceled Carpentry Supplies December 1969

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