Salary Schedules

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Please click the links below to view salary schedule details by employee type.



The salary schedules below are used to determine the base pay for teachers and teacher types in Shelby County Schools.


Please see the links below for information related to Teacher Compensation.


Special Education Teacher Sign-On Bonus

Please click the link below for more information regarding the Sign-On Bonus of up to $7,500 for the SPED Initiative.


Relocation Stipend Information


Mileage Ranges (mi)Tiered Stipend Amount ($)
200.00 - 300.49$750.00
300.5 - 700.49$1,000.00

**The following job titles qualify for this stipend: teacher, librarian, counselor.

***If employees have received this stipend in a previous fiscal year, they are not eligible to receive it again in the current fiscal year.


For employees who start on the first day of the school year, this stipend will be paid out after 20-day adjustments. 

NOTE: This does not mean the stipend will be paid on the 20th day with students. 


For employees who start after the first day of the school year, this stipend will be paid out on the next scheduled stipend payment date in the school year.


Please refer to the the Supplemental Pay Schedule 2021-2022 for stipend payment dates.


Teacher Referral Bonus

The Teacher Referral Program allows full-time District staff to refer high quality candidates for teaching vacancies and other critical, hard-to-fill instructional positions. In return, the referring employee will receive a cash bonus in the amount of $500. Please click the link below for eligibility requirements and the procedures for requesting/receiving the bonus.


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