Leave of Absence

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Employees may apply for either a medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or a non-medical leave, which includes military, legislative, educational or miscellaneous leave.



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Employee Notice Requirements

  • If you are absent or expecting to be absent for ten (10) consecutive workdays and/or more, you will be required to submit a leave of absence request electronically through the MSCS Employee Portal.  Please review the Leave of Absence Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Employees should provide 30-day advance notice, when possible, for absences or expected absences of ten (10) consecutive workdays or more.
  • If you are absent nine (9) consecutive days or less, you may be required to provide a medical certification as proof of an illness or injury at the discretion of your immediate supervisor. The medical certification should include the timeframe of your absences and should not disclose health information. 
  • If you are absent three (3) consecutive days or more, you will receive an absence notice. If your consecutive absences are due to approved sick and/or vacation days no action is required. 


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Educational Leave Policy
Family Medical Leave Policy
Military Leave Policy
Parenting Leave Policy
Sick Leave Policy

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