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The Office of Compensation is committed to providing a fair and competitive compensation program that promotes an atmosphere that will attract, motivate, retain, and reward high-performing employees at all levels.


2022-2023 Retention Bonus Updates


2022-2023 Across-the-Board Increase Plan Document


Types of Compensation

  • Hourly
  • Salary
  • Bonuses
  • Stipends

New Teachers

  • Teachers newly employed by Memphis-Shelby County Schools may receive salary credit for prior teaching and certain other kinds of experience by completing the Experience Verification Form.
  • Teachers with previous military experience may submit a copy of the DD-214 Form to the Office of Compensation. (This form is available from the military only.)

Current Employees

  • View your current salary, attendance details, payroll information, profile information, and HR/Payroll links by visiting the Employee Portal.

Employment & Income Verification

  • Proof of employment and income can be obtained from The Work Number (Employer Code: 15934).

Work Location Resources

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