Wellness Initiatives

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SCS Cares about our employees and their overall well-being. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive wellness program that focuses on our employees’ physical, emotional, financial, and social health.  The four pillars of our wellness program for school year 2021-22 are 

  • Benefits Education
  • Behavioral Health Management
  • Chronic Conditions Management
  • Financial Wellness

The SCS Wellness platform is designed with the following objectives:

  • Increased employee knowledge of our benefit programs and how best to utilize them
  • Better employee plan utilization and treatment of chronic health conditions that plague our employee population
  • Improved stress management and behavioral health conditions
  • Specific Financial Wellness Initiatives geared to address our unique population
  • Stronger collaboration with our health and wellness partners to bring the best wellness offerings to our employees.

Please take a moment to review all that SCS wellness has to offer!


For employees enrolled in our medical insurance plans, CIGNA Healthcare offers numerous wellness programs to help you and your loved ones stay healthy.  Examples of CIGNA healthcare wellness offerings are:

  • CIGNA Total Behavioral Health
  • Healthy Rewards
    • Active & Fit
    • Daily Burn
    • Mom’s Meals Delivery Service
    • Vision Network Savings Program
  • Healthy Babies (for soon-to-be mom’s)
  • Lifestyle Management Programs (tobacco cessation, stress management and weight management)
  • Virtual Care through AmWell and MDLive

These are just a few of the services that CIGNA provides to help our employees stay healthy and happy. Covered members may contact Cigna at (800) 274-7603 or the number on the back of your ID card for more information. You may also find out more information on MyCigna.com.  


Cigna Total Behavioral Health: The CIGNA Total Behavioral Health program is a robust suite of programs that include both inpatient and outpatient care coordination, as well as care management programs focused on specific behavioral health conditions such as autism, eating disorders, substance use, and bipolar disorders. Two featured programs included with the Cigna Total Behavioral Health platform are iPrevail and Happify. iPrevail offers on demand peer coaching and personalized learning opportunities for those facing depression, substance abuse, and other challenges. Happify is an online, self-guided program that helps participants cope with life’s everyday challenges. Goals of the program includes helping participants overcome negative thoughts, cope better with stress, overcome insecurities, and build self-confidence. This Getting Started flyer provides directory information and assistance for finding a Cigna Behavioral Health provider.

Healthy Rewards: The Cigna Healthy Rewards program is a discount program that allows Cigna customers to pay discounted rates for a wide variety of health and wellness products, programs and services to include alternative medicine (acupuncture, chiropractic services, massages, physical therapy), fitness memberships, virtual workouts and yoga services, nutritional meal delivery, and vision care.  Cigna customers even get Garmin products at a discounted rate.

Active and Fit Direct: If you are a Cigna plan participant and are looking for ways to increase your activity, the Active & Fit Program Direct may be right for you.  Active and Fit Direct provides you a membership network of over 10,000 fitness center locations allowing members to access multiple fitness centers for only $25 per month.  The normal enrollment fee of $25 is being waived through December 31, 2020. Popular local fitness centers in the Active & Fit Direct network include Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, The Salvation Army Kroc Center, ATC Fitness, and several others. 


Members also have an opportunity to view over 1,500 workout videos from the comfort of your own home. If you do not want to join the Active & Fit Direct program but want some assistance with your workouts, you can access approximately 200 workout videos at no cost. 


Daily Burn Discount Membership: Daily Burn is a leading fitness tech brand dedicated to helping all people live better lives through movement. As a Cigna plan participant, if you participate in Daily Burn, you can get fit virtually and take advantage of more the 1,700 on-demand videos and audio-based classes taught by certified trainers. Daily Burn also offers a popular, daily group class (Daily Burn 365) streamable to any device. Explore everything from cardio to Pilates to bodyweight training, yoga, running and more.  CIGNA members receive one free month and then receive a 25% discounted rate of $14.95 per month.

Moms Meal: Mom's Meals is a leading nationwide provider of refrigerated, affordable meals delivered right to your home.  Whether you have special dietary needs or are simply trying to manage your current healthy weight, Mom's Meals is sure to deliver. Cigna customer have a choice of over 50 meals to choose with every delivery at $6.99 per meal with a 14 meal minimum.

Vision Network Savings Program: Cigna medical plan participants can take advantage of the Vision Network Savings Program for discounts on vision services.  If you currently have vision insurance through CIGNA, this program can provide additional discounts.  If you do not have vision insurance, but have Cigna medical, you can still benefit from a savings by using this program.  Details on the discounted services are located on the flyer provided.  


Healthy Babies: If you are a Cigna health plan customer who is expecting, you can enroll in the Cigna Healthy Pregnancies Healthy Babies® program. This program is designed to help you and your baby stay healthy during your pregnancy and in the days and weeks following your baby's birth. SCS moms-to-be will have a health coach to support you throughout your pregnancy. Participants will receive a pregnancy journal with information, charts, and various tools to help you stay healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy.  Participants can even qualify for a free breast pump at no cost. 


Cigna Lifestyle Management Program: Cigna offers several comprehensive multi-week health coaching programs available both telephonically and online. Participants engage and work with a personal health coach to meet their health and wellness goals in any of the following programs:

Omada Health for Diabetes Prevention: Omada Health is a digital, intensive behavioral health counseling program for individuals who are at-risk for developing diabetes. Participants will receive a wireless smart scale and work with a virtual coach to make meaningful changes around eating, activity, sleep, and behavior by participating in weekly, interactive lessons. Best of all, it is free to all Cigna medical participants. A simple 1-minute health screener can determine if you are eligible to participate in this amazing program. 


SCS Care Clinic: The SCS Family Care Clinic offers convenient, cost-effective minor medical care for employees from Methodist Le Bonheur. 


Tuition.io Student Loan Wellness Program: Like physical or emotional health, financial health is a fundamental component for a happy and healthy life. Financial health measures your ability to meet your financial needs and prepare for unexpected financial emergencies. SCS wants to help you with your financial health by assisting you in managing student loan debt. SCS has partnered with Tuition.io to help you identify strategies for managing and paying off college debt. Tuition.io can even assist you with navigating the Teacher Loan Forgiveness and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Programs as well as help you plan for future college expenses. View additional FAQs here. 


YMCA Benefits: The YMCA, in partnership with SCS, offers several rewards for our employees, including:

  • Membership at 11 branches across the Mid-South
  • Free Guest Pass (Employees just need to show their badge)
  • $0 Joining Fee ($75 Savings)
  • 20% Off the Monthly Rate
  • Before/After-School Care - $0 Registration Fee ($75 Savings per Child) & 10% Off Y-Care

Also, because the YMCA is a nonprofit organization, they do offer financial assistance for those who qualify. No one is turned away for an inability to pay for services, so the YMCA will work with anyone to make sure that they can get a rate that will work for their family needs. Learn more about the Y at ymcamemphis.org.



For questions, please feel free to call (901) 416-5304 or email us at [email protected]

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