Instructional Evaluations

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MSCS believes it is vitally important for all employees to have a clear understanding of job performance expectations coupled with ongoing meaningful, actionable feedback and support to promote employee engagement and success.


The Teacher Effectiveness Measure (TEM) is more than an evaluation system. It is designed to help educators become more successful by giving regular, meaningful insights about their performance. Our goal in implementing the TEM is to ensure that educators always know where they stand, and what they need to do to improve practice. Research shows that teachers improve more quickly when they get feedback through observation of practice. For this reason, we use TEM data to provide targeted support and coaching to address employee needs and build capacity.  


How does TEM support educator growth?

  • Clarifying Expectations – TEM outlines clear performance expectations for all certified school-level employees across multiple measures of teacher performance.
  • Providing Feedback – Quality feedback is a key element of the improvement process. Feedback from classroom observations and data from other TEM components, including student test outcomes, student perception surveys and teacher professionalism, will help guide your growth and development.
  • Facilitating Collaboration – By providing a common language and multiple measures to discuss performance, the TEM helps support the collaborative process. This is essential, as we know that communication and teamwork create the foundation for student success.
  • Driving Professional Development and Support Resources – Both teachers and principals will have the ability to determine specific targeted support and growth opportunities based on individual TEM performance, so teachers will be able to get the support they need to improve practice.
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