Environmental Well-being

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Environmental Well-being 


An understanding of how environment affects health – and how personal habits and lifestyle affect the environment


Cigna Life Connected Podcast: Environmental Well-being: Healthier From the Outside In Environmental well-being is about how your surrounding environment, like your home and work, affects your overall health, and also how your habits and lifestyle affect your environment. We’ll be talking about how you can become more AWARE of your environment, how to ACTIVATE a healthier environment, and finally, how to ADOPT behaviors that can make being environmentally healthy a lifelong habit.


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Lactation Policy (4064)

The Shelby County Board of Education (Board) seeks to provide a supportive environment that
offers accommodations for covered employees to express (pump) breastmilk. Such accommodation, in compliance with federal and state requirements, shall provide reasonable break times and private space for a nursing employee to pump at work for up to one year after the birth of their child.

Tobacco Policy (6028)

The Shelby County Schools system prohibits student smoking or possession of tobacco products, lighters, or matches on school campuses, at school sponsored activities or on school buses. Additionally, smoking and/or the use of all tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, are prohibited in all Board of Education buildings (schools and other facilities); in any public seating areas, including but not limited to bleachers used for sporting events, or public restrooms; and in all vehicles, owned, leased or operated by the district at all times. Signs will be posted throughout the District's facilities to notify students, employees and all other persons visiting the school that the use of tobacco and tobacco products is forbidden. A “Smoking is Prohibited by Law in Seating Areas and in Restrooms” sign shall be prominently posted for elementary or secondary school sporting events (including at each ticket booth). Any student who possesses tobacco products shall be issued a citation by the school principal. Parents and students shall be notified of this citation requirement at the beginning of each school year.

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