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Apply Now for a 2017-18 General Choice Transfer; Lots of Learning Choices & Locations Available

March 07, 2017 5951 views

The General Choice Transfer process allows parents to choose a school in the District with available space that best fits their child’s educational needs.  Transfer applications will be accepted for schools with available space through the start of the new school year.


NOTE: The General Choice Transfer process is NOT the same as the Optional Schools application process. Optional Schools have specific academic criteria for admissions and a separate application period.

Online Application Process: The General Choice Transfer process is completely online to afford the most opportunities for students and families in Shelby County. Rather than lining up at the Board of Education, parents can easily complete and submit an application from any personal computer or smartphone with Internet access and a valid email address.

NOTE: All application status updates will be communicated via email. No physical letters will be mailed this year.

General Choice Transfer requests are considered based on the order that they are received and according to priority considerations outlined in the Admissions policy (#6002). All applications will be electronically stamped with a date and time as they are submitted online.

For parents without personal Internet access, our Parent Welcome Center (2687 Avery Ave.) is available to assist parents with General Choice Transfer questions throughout the application period. Computers and ESL services will be available.

 SCS staff will also be available to assist parents at the following locations:

- SCS Gray’s Creek Admin. Office (2800 Gray’s Creek, Arlington)

- SCS Northeast Regional Office (Treadwell CTC, 920 N. Highland St.) *ESL Services Available

*Parents may consider public libraries, community centers, churches, etc. with free public Internet access.

Transfer Priority & Enrollment Spaces: The District’s School Admissions policy (#6002) outlines priority considerations for General Choice Transfer requests:

A list of schools with available enrollment spaces will be posted online prior to the start of the application process.

Students on an existing General Choice Transfer at a school that will be part of SCS in 2016-17 are approved through the exit grade of the current school and do NOT have to re-apply.

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