Theory of Action

If we build strong relationships with our black and brown boys, rid ourselves of deficit attitudes and mindsets, provide social emotional learning to adults and students to engage in healthier conflict, and create space between stimulus and response, then we will validate our students’ cultural identity in our classroom practices.

PRIORITY 1: Commitment
The equity office will exist to have the greatest possible impact on opportunities and access added to the children from marginalized communities.

PRIORITY 2: Checking Bias & Privilege
We will work to fix the oppressor and not the oppressed, by speaking truth to adult actions to align our good intentions with our desired outcomes. Placing before every educator the right to engage in vigilant self-awareness and helping all identify how our identity may prevent or provide access to necessary resources, by constant self-reflection, is key in checking bias.

PRIORITY 3: Collective Action
Holding all accountable and designing equity at the margins will help keep all departments organized and connected in the belief that all means all.