Non-Instructional Staffing

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Joia Arnett
Office of Professional Standards Associate

LaShundia Brooks
Instructional Staffing Advisor

Cynthia Brown
Administrative Assistant

Christopher Burford
Office of Professional Standards Advisor

Deitra Burks
Specialist , Induction & Development

Starlett Calhoun
Employee Performance & Labor Relations Advisor

Patrice Callahan
Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Rosalyn Callicutt
Customer Service Assistant

TShanie Cleaves
Non-Instructional Manager

Malika Collins
Peer Assistance & Review Advisor

Andrea Collins
Compensation Specialist

Andrea Craddock
Non-Instructional Specialist

Morgan Craig
Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Kylen Darden
Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Dominique Gates
Data Specialist

Candice Golden
Induction and Training Advisor

Myra Grey
Specialist, Total Rewards & Benefits

Ayodele Hall
Advisor-Employee Performance & Support

Candice Hampton-Sims
License & Compliance Specialist

Danette Hardy
Talent Induction & Development Senior Advisor

Shakarra Harris
Instructional Staffing Advisor

Angela Hill
Advisor, Total Rewards & Benefits

Vivian Hinds
Benefits Specialist

Brian Ingram
Executive Director of Talent Management

Kemmie Ingram
Non-Instructional Advisor

Dana Jackson-Dortch
Benefits Advisor

David Jamison
Recruitment Brand Digital & Content Advisor

Agata Jedrzejewski-Smith
Peer Assistance & Review Advisor

Gwendolyn Jeffries
Compensation Advisor

Summer Jennings
Instructional Staffing Advisor

Alfreda Johnson
Benefits Specialist

Yolanda Jones
Benefits Specialist

Brandy Jones
License & Compliance Associate

Latoya Jones
EPS Advisor

Roxanne Jones
Non-Instructional Associate

Dewashish Koirala
EPS Analyst

JaDarius Lawson
Recruitment & Staffing Data Specialist

Brian Leaks
Testing & Staffing Advisor

Arby Martin
Talent & Support Recruitment Staffing Manager

Ebonie Mask
HR Service Center Assistant

Valeria May
HR Customer Service Rep.

Monica Mays
Benefits Manager

Erica McClendon
Instructional Staffing Advisor

Bessie McVay
HR File Clerk

Elisa Mitchel
Administrative Specialist

Dr. Sherman Morris
Talent Acquisition Manager

Shelaine Moses
Instructional Staffing Advisor

Marvay Mosley
Benefits Advisor

Jenikka Oglesby
Deputy Chief of Human Resources

Wanda Oliver
Advisor, Peer Assistance & Review

Ladarien Parker
Benefits Specialist

Alexis Person
Senior Benefits Advisor

Roderic Peterson
Director Strategic Staffing

Brandon Pinson
Talent Instructional Associate

Anthony Plummer
Staffing Advisor, Non-Instructional

Kendra Preston
Benefits Advisor

Jeffery Rakestraw
Instructional Staffing Associate

Tammie Randolph
Non-Instructional Advisor

Drake Richmond
Non Instructional Associate

Priscilla Roberts
Office of Professional Standards Advisor

Quintin Robinson
Chief of Human Resources

Lashundra Sanders
Non-Instructional Associate

Michael Sanders
Office of Professional Standards Advisor

Courtney Skipper
Employee Performance & Support Advisor

Rosha Smith
Employee Enterprise Associate

Terinni Stafford
Advisor, Total Rewards & Benefits

Dr. Theron Stallworth
Office of Professional Standards Director

Fredrick Strahan
License & Compliance Specialist

Sylvia Sullivan
EPS Advisor

Centrell Sutton
Manager, HR Business Strategy & Total Rewards

Sandra Szuba
Customer Service Assistant

TaJuana Totten
Enterprise Analyst

Rosa Valencia
HR Customer Service Assistant

Joshua Ward
Non-Instructional Staffing Associate

Dawn White
License & Compliance Specialist

Mary White
Employee Enterprise Associate

Carlycya Williams
Instructional Talent Specialist

Andrea Williams
Senior Advisor Instructional Staffing

Larhonda Wilson
Benefits Specialist

D’Asia Wilson
Benefits Associate

Emily Wilson
Induction and Training Advisor

Alicia Wofford
Associate, Instructional Recruitment & Staffing

Ontasia Young
Testing & Staffing Specialist



Welcome to the Non-Instructional Staffing Division! We offer a wide variety of non-instructional job opportunities for employees who play a vital role in supporting our students, teachers and the District. 

We are committed to being support partners for the central office hiring managers in the District. We are responsible for recruiting and hiring the highest performing employees and providing a broad spectrum of support services for prospective and current employees. 


Working at Central Office:

Great educational leaders are vital to our future, and although student success can be its own reward, many people are looking for ways to grow professionally without losing the satisfaction of influencing young minds. A central office career is one such path. Like teachers, central office administrators are essential to the success of our school district while never losing sight of the District’s overall goal: providing the best education to our students.


Areas of Support:

  • Vacancy & Requisition Management
  • Assisting Hiring Managers with the Staffing Process
  • Onboarding New Hires
  • Management of Employee Status Change
  • Internal Non-Instructional Employee Promotions & Lateral Transfers

Non-Instructional applications are accepted for the following positions:

Central Office 

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Operations
  • Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources

Nutrition Services 

  • School Nutrition Technicians
  • School Nutrition Supervisors
  • School Nutrition Managers
  • Nutrition Services Support


  • Academic Advisors and Instructional Support Advisors
  • Extended Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP)
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