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October 2020 Family Forum

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SCS is proud to announce the upcoming Virtual Family Forum: Advance Academics, CCTE, and Community Resources, taking place Saturday, October 24, 2020, 10 a.m. - noon.

SCS Family Forums provide an opportunity for all parents to gather, learn and share important information to support student learning and success in school. Click the following links to join the live virtual sessions on Microsoft Teams.

Click the following links to join the live virtual sessions on Microsoft Teams. For questions about the forum, please email [email protected].

Breakout Session 1: 10:25 am – 11:10 am

  • Advanced Academics: The Key to Future College Success (Recorded)
    • This session will provide parents with an overview of the benefits of taking Honors, Pre-AP and college-level courses in high school, such as AP, Dual Enrollment and Statewide Dual Credit; parents will also learn about effective resources that can be utilized to ensure students maximize the opportunity to potentially earn college credit.
  • The Importance of Mom's and Dad's in Their Child's Education *Recorded on Microsoft Teams
    • Children are more successful in school and in life when they know they are supported by their parents. This workshop will explore the many reasons why a parent's involvement is important in their child's school life. It is a proven fact that the relationship between a parent and child is one that nurtures the physical, emotional, and social development of the child. Healthy parental involvement and intervention in the child's day-to-day life lays the foundation for better social and academic skills.
  • Transition and CBI from Elementary-High School (Recorded)
    • Presenters will review Transition Services from elementary to high school.

Breakout Session 2: 11:15 am – 12:00 pm

  • Meeting the needs of All Gifted Learners (CLUE) (Recorded)
    • In this session, parents will explore characteristics of gifted learners and will learn what structures can be put in place in the regular education environment to support the very special needs of our gifted kids, who may or may not be twice exceptional. Parents will learn the purpose of the gifted IEP and understand allowable accommodations for the TN disability of intellectual giftedness.
  • Supporting Your Students with CCTE Industry Certifications at Home (Division of College, Career and Technical Education (Recorded)
    • Did you know that SCS CCTE students can still earn Industry Certifications at home? Well, they can! This session will provide parents with assistance surrounding preparing and planning for various available Industry Certifications.
  • Using Movement to Reduce Stress
    • There have been so many things to be stressed about this year and we know that prolonged stress has negative effects on the body, mind and being. This session will demonstrate how to create a time/space/ritual around unwinding the body’s aches and pains while relaxing the nervous system. The main techniques will be simple accessible postures, deep breathing, and relaxation practices. It is a gift to practice model self-care with kids.
  • Discussing i-Ready Data with Your Child *Recorded on Microsoft Teams
    • In this session, participants will learn about i-Ready data chats, understand the benefits of engaging students in discussions about their data, and explore resources to use when planning and conducting data chats with students.


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