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School Choice

2022-23 General Choice Optional banner

With hundreds of schools and programs across the 901, there’s a place for everyone with SCS!

Whether you’re looking for a school with a specialized learning focus and competitive entry requirements, an innovative setting to meet your child’s unique learning needs or a traditional setting in your neighborhood with a broad set of courses and extracurricular offerings, we’ve got the most choices for students and families. Search for any Shelby County school by grade level or program.


  • Online school choice application opens 10 a.m. on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 @ www.scsk12.org
  • One online process for ALL school choice applications, including General Choice and Optional Schools.
  • Apply online anytime, anywhere using any device with Internet access.
  • Must have a valid email address to apply. Parents will receive an email confirming date/time of application.
  • Parents of current SCS students should apply using their PowerSchool ID, which is the same as the student’s lunch number. Non-SCS students will use a Social Security Number.
  • Students may apply for two General Choice options and/or two Optional schools.
  • NO COMPUTER OR INTERNET? Visit a local public library or any location with free WiFi.

Apply for one of our 40+ competitive, theme-based Optional programs.
Our unique and rigorous Optional programs are free of tuition. Every Optional school has a specialized learning focus, such as Enriched Academics, College Prep, International Studies, STEM, International Baccalaureate (IB), Creative & Performing Arts, Information Technology and more. Entrance requirements vary by school program.


  • Available for all 45 competitive, theme-based Optional schools with open space
  • All Optional schools have entrance requirements.
  • PRIORITY WINDOW: Applications received by 11:59 p.m. on January 28, 2022 are processed first.
  • Applications processed in the order received unless applications exceed spaces; Applications digitally stamped with date/time
  • In schools where applications exceed spaces, 80 percent of spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis by SCS-zoned students (subject to sibling & proximity preference).
  • After January 28, applications are processed in the order received. Find requirements and info for all Optional programs at scsk12.org/optional.
  • HAVE QUESTIONS? Call (901) 416-5338.

Apply for a General Choice Transfer to any SCS school with available enrollment space.
The General Choice Transfer process is open to all students in Shelby County. Many of our schools boast award-winning principals, teachers, arts programs and sports teams at the state and national levels, in addition to a wide variety of clubs, extracurriculars and support programs for all grades. Plus, our Ready Grad CCTE programs allow high school students to earn college credits and certifications in dozens of cutting-edge career and technical fields.


  • Available for all SCS schools with open enrollment space
  • All applications processed in the order they are received
  • PRIORITY WINDOW: Applications received by February 25, 2022, with completed registrations for the upcoming school year (2022-23) will be processed by the end of the school year.
  • Students on an existing General Choice transfer do not have to reapply.
  • HAVE QUESTIONS? Call (901) 416-6007.
  • General Choice transfers include READY GRAD CCTE PROGRAMS, which allow high school students to earn college credits and career certifications. Get more info at www.scsk12.org/ccte.
  • Middle College High School, Hollis F. Price Middle College High School, Medical School District High School, and Mt. Pisgah High School have entrance requirements, and parents must upload additional documents as a part of the General Choice application. Please have these documents ready at the time of application, so there are no delays with your submission.