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Coordinated School Health


Description of Resources

Academics, Behavior, CSH, Health Services, Supports for Parents, Other

Resource/ServicesAcademics, Behavior, CSH, Health Services, Supports for Parents, OtherDescriptionManager
Center for Transforming CommunitiesCoordinated School HealthAs a social change organization, to those looking for ways to respond to social injustice, they have compiled a list of local and national resources that will aid in supporting our communities.Sudie S. Cushman
Alliance for A Healthier GenerationSupport for Parents

Kohl's Healthy at Home Toolkit-Healthy sleep resources.

#SelfCareSunday Sleep Video: Self-care is more important now than ever. Small changes, like changing your sleep environment, can have a big impact on how you feel the next day. Follow these tips to making a better sleep environment.

Sudie S. Cushman
Healthy Kids & TeensSupport for students and parentsHKT’s Get Fit and Live Healthy Training Program and Camp Get Fit Summer Programs encompass health, nutrition, and fitness training for youth ages 2 to 19. The program curriculum emphasizes “self” responsibility for daily health choices through 85210 Health goals.Sudie S. Cushman
DarSalud-Wave of HealthSupports for students, staff, and families

Healthcare Provider-

Health Screenings and treatment (mental health, diabetes, vision, hearing, etc.)

Sudie S. Cushman
National Family Support NetworkCSHNational Family Support Network has undertaken converting all of its trainings into virtual versions. The trainings have been designed to reflect virtual training best practice, such as increased interactivity and longer breaks. High-demand trainings to enhance quality family support and strengthening practice.Sudie S. Cushman

Better Together Youth Health Alliance

(Common Table)

CSHPurpose: To improve the health, health equity and wellness of youth in Memphis and Shelby County through a comprehensive and collaborative community-wide approach. Address the health needs of youth in the greater Memphis region as a unified force to tackle the alarming rates of children’s poor health and preventable diseases as adults.Sudie S. Cushman
Memphis Teen Vision

Support for students and parents


Coordinated community response to teen pregnancy and parenting that includes:

Comprehensive sex education for teens including abstinence and contraceptive information

Services, support, and education to pregnant and parenting teens

Strong policies and programs that promote adolescent sexual health

Sudie S. Cushman
National Coalition of 100 Black WomenSupport for familiesThe National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., (NCBW) is a non-profit volunteer organization for African American women. Its members address common issues in their communities, families and personal lives, promoting gender and racial equity.Sudie S. Cushman
Big Green Memphis- Big Green at Home

Support for parents


Offers activities for families to grow food at home whether in gardening spaces or in pots.Sudie Cushman
UT/TSU Extension

Support for parents


Nutrition/Ag. EducationSudie Cushman
Methodist/Le Bonheur CHAMPSSupport for parentsAsthma Education and ManagementSudie Cushman
Shelby County Health Department-Infectious DiseaseSupport for parents

Provide HIV/STI Testing

Mobile Libraries

Sudie Cushman
Shelby County Health Department-Wellness Department


Support for families

Staff Wellness

Provide education on nutrition, physical activity, staff wellness, diabetes, and tobacco education.

Sudie Cushman

Sudie Cushman

Shelby County Crime Victims & Rape Crisis CenterCSH

24/7 Sexual Assault Forensic Exams (through LE as normal)

 Assistance with Orders of Protection in critical safety cases (screening via telephone)

Sudie Cushman
Healthcare On the RunStaff Wellness

Healthcare Provider

Annual Physical Exams

Sudie Cushman
American Heart AssociationStaff Wellness

CPR/First AID Certifications

Reduce death caused by heart disease and stroke

Sudie Cushman
Cigna InsuranceSupport for families

Healthcare Provider

Individual/Family Health plans

Medical Assessment

Healthy Lifestyle Education

Sudie Cushman
TN Suicide Prevention NetworkSEL

Crisis Suicide Hotline

Suicide Education

Sudie Cushman
Friends for LifeSupport for familiesAssist families that are affected by HIV/AIDS They offer food pantry, medical assistance, housing, and mental health services. Sudie Cushman
Sister ReachSupport for students, families, and staffAdvocate for reproductive anatomy of women & teens of color, poor & rural women, LGBTQ+ and gender non-confirming peopleSudie Cushman
EverFi (staff, and students)Coordinated School HealthThey offer digital Health Education curriculum such as vaping, tobacco use, emotional and social education.Sudie Cushman
Baptist Memorial Hospital Outreach (Families, staff and students)Coordinated School HealthPhysical Education, Physical Activity, and Health Education Support in the form of grants and program ImplementationSudie Cushman
Methodist/Le Bonheur Community OutreachCoordinated School HealthHealth EducationSudie Cushman
Well Child, Inc.Coordinated School Health

Nursing Services

Health Education

Sudie Cushman
Cherokee Health SystemCoordinated School HealthHealth EducationSudie Cushman
Epilepsy FoundationCSHMission is to improve the quality of life for people living with epilepsy in TN-MS; by providing measurable support services and programs. HEF mission is to educate, heighten public awareness about epilepsy, SUDEP and seizure first aid. A public educated in seizures first aid can help prevent injuries and help save lives. Therefore, shifting the conversation from ignorance to understanding, ending to the misunderstanding, silence and negative stigma associated with epilepsy. Sudie Cushman
Playback MemphisCSHBullying PreventionSudie Cushman
Bully The Bull FoundationCSHBullying PreventionSudie Cushman
Methodist HealthcareSupport for familiesSupport for schoolsSudie Cushman
PowerUP Fitness LLCPhysical ActivitySudie Cushman 
UNCAN of Memphis



Bullying PreventionSudie Cushman
Out MemphisSupport for parents

Health Education

LGBTQ Issues

Sudie Cushman
Youth VillagesSupport for parentsEmergency Mental Health ServicesSudie Cushman
KrogerCSHGrocery ToursSudie Cushman
Homeland SecurityCSHSocial Media EducationSudie Cushman
Pink PalaceCSHNutritionSudie Cushman
YMCACSHCorporate GamesSudie Cushman
TN Department of HealthCSHInjury PreventionSudie Cushman
Height Community


Supports for parents

The Heights community has over 1,100 vacant and abandoned properties. The Heights CDC purchases blighted homes and renovates them to a high standard. These rehabbed homes are then rented to families at an affordable rate with the goal of preparing the family for homeownership.Sudie Cushman
MidSouth Healthy VendingCSHHealthy Vending MachinesSudie Cushman
A Step Ahead FoundationSupport for parentsOffers women in Memphis and Shelby County free long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) to prevent unplanned pregnancies.Sudie Cushman

City of Memphis


Support for familiesWalking TrailsSudie Cushman
American Cancer Society

Support for families


Guest Speakers

Health Fairs

Health Education

Sudie Cushman
TN Department of Children ServicesSupport for families

Emergency Cash Assistance

Food and Nutrition


Crisis Support

Sudie Cushman
Restore CorpCSHSex TraffickingSudie Cushman