Supplemental Pay

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Extended Day Pay:  Extended Day Pay is supplemental pay in the amount of $6,000 added to the base salary of those eligible instructors who provide an additional hour of instructional time at designated iZONE schools. 


Additionally, employees may be eligible for additional pay in the form of stipends, bonuses or other supplemental forms of payment. NOTE: All stipends, bonuses and other supplemental pay is contingent upon available funding and these programs may be discontinued at any time. 


Starting Supplemental Amounts for Athletics


What is a stipend?

MSCS defines a stipend as a non-discretionary amount of earnings paid to an employee on a regular or recurring basis over the course of their eligibility period. The stipend allows an employee to be compensated for specific duties or occurrences that are considered beyond the scope of their current position. Stipend payouts are subject to their respective months of disbursement and may begin paying out as early as July 1st and ending as late as June 30th for the fiscal year.


What is a bonus?

SCS defines a bonus as a non-discretionary amount of earnings above an employee’s base pay. SCS establishes bonuses that focus on improving student achievement or rewarding quality performance. Bonuses are paid out at a predesignated time within the fiscal year.


The below chart provides details two of the most well-known educator certifications in the District, along with the associated compensation, eligibility and details related to payment administration.  

Bonus Type

Who is Eligible?

Annual Payout

Installment Amount

Career Ladder
  • Instructional Positions 
    (Teacher, Principal, Librarian, Professional Counselor, Instructional Facilitator, Manager - Mental Health

  • ILD, Director - Mental Health, Psychologist, Social Worker.

    Career Ladder recipients who have transferred from another accredited district may be eligible for the bonus upon hire.
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
National Board Certification (NBCT)
  • NBCTs who maintain an active and current certification


Must be an active employee at the time of payout.

  • Minimum
  • Mid
  • Max
  • Minimum
  • Mid
  • Max


How do I request a new stipend or bonus for my department?

A new Supplemental Earnings Request must receive budget approval and be submitted to the Office of Compensation by the divisional leader and/or stipend owner to support a department’s new or ongoing initiative.


When should I submit a Supplemental Earnings Request?

  • If you are requesting approval for a new stipend or bonus
  • If you are requesting updates to an existing stipend or bonus
  • After confirming available funding and receiving budget approval (view flow chart)

What is needed to complete a request?

Who completes the request for supplemental earnings?

What is necessary for budget approval?

  • Complete the supplemental earnings budget request form with approval signatures and submit to the MSCS Budget Department at [email protected].
  • If available funding is confirmed, submit the approved form to the Office of Compensation along with the completed Supplemental Earnings Request Form.
  • If funding is not available, the requestor should follow up with the SCS Budget Office.

What is necessary for Compensation approval?

  • Complete the Supplemental Earnings Budget Request Form, including:
  • Stipend/Bonus Title
  • Stipend/Bonus Code (completed by HR)
  • Department/School
  • Owner
  • Official Position Titles that are eligible for the stipend
  • Stipend/Bonus Amount

What details must be included for the stipend/bonus?

  • Purpose – description & explanation of the purpose of the stipend/bonus
  • Eligibility – outline of steps that will determine eligibility
  • Requirements – list of requirements that must be met to receive the stipend/bonus
  • Additional Information – any additional details relevant to the request

What is the final step to complete my request?


For general questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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