Office of Professional Standards

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Gerald Thornton, Sr. – Director
[email protected]


Welcome to the Office of Professional Standards (OPS)! We support the District through the development and implementation of programs to ensure fair and consistent treatment of all employees, reduce workplace conflict, direct the professional development of team members, and assist in cultivating a friendly work environment for all Shelby County Schools employees.

We maintain partnerships with several labor associations to represent both our certified and non-certified team members. For information about our partners, visit our Labor Associations page.


Our primary functions include:

  • Employee Discipline
  • Internal Investigations
  • Management Consultant & Training/Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Engagement
  • ADA Compliance
  • Grievance & Complaint Administration
  • Collaborative Conferencing (Labor Negotiations)
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims/Appeals
  • Employee Assistance Program Management (EAP)
  • Liaison Between Management and Labor Associations

Ongoing Initiatives:

  • Compliance Training – OPS offers an array of trainings to cover compliance and performance concerns to include progressive discipline, workplace investigations and the employee handbook, to name a few.  Trainings are tailored for delivery to accommodate concerns at every service level.
  • Employee Engagement Survey – Shelby County Schools has adopted a practice of gauging the level of engagement of our students and certified team members; however, we have extended this to our non-certified team members. The 2019 -2020 school year was the inaugural launch of our Employee Engagement Survey for non-instructional team members. This survey instrument provides a meaningful mechanism of gathering data and feedback from our non-instructional team. The information provided from this survey will directly inform new initiatives, training and potential shifts in the way we perform this beneficial work.
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