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New Teacher Academy

Welcome to the Office of Induction and Development! Our team is committed to supporting educators who are new to the Memphis-Shelby County Schools district. We are responsible for inducting and developing new hires by providing a wide range of support services and resources to ensure educators are well prepared for their new role and have a strong foundational knowledge of their instructional expectations.




New Teacher Academy (NTA)


Induction and Development Managed Stipends


Peer Assistance and Review Program Resources


Praxis Tutoring Resources

  • Praxis Tutoring Resources Coming Soon


EdTPA Support

  • EdTPA Support Resources Coming Soon


Curriculum Maps


Mentor Support


University Placement Support

  • University Placement Request Form
    All placement requests must be submitted via email to Tishsha Hopson at [email protected]
  • Background Check Information
    Students must have a clear background check on file with the Office of Induction and Development before placement requests will be processed


Grow Your Own Pipelines and Partnerships/Pathways to Teaching


For questions, please feel free to call (901) 416-2297 or email us at: [email protected] 

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