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These bid tabulations are for Information Purposes Only. Bid Awards will be contingent upon evaluation by Staff and End Users. Bid Awards are made by Memphis-Shelby County Schools Purchase Order Only. Download the latest adobe reader if you are not able to view files online.

Bid Tabulations Date
View #05182020#05182020 Macon Hall ES Intercom Installations Bid Tab Results December 1969
View #Bid Tabulation 2540 Canceled Carpentry Supplies December 1969
View #Bid Tabulation Results IFB 06202022LJS Melrose Stadium Improvements December 1969
View #Bid Tabulation for IFB 08312020TJA Nursing Services Grace St Luke Episcopal School December 1969
View #IFB 09232022MT - Shady Grove Exterior Landscaping BID TABULATION December 1969
View #Bid Tabulation Results IFB 10122022CLB Hydronic Systems Subsidiary Components December 1969
View #2174Annual Calculator Contract 2016-2017 Sch Yr December 1969

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