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ACT Awareness

ACT Official Online Practice Test
Students may now take an official online practice test within ACT, Inc.’s new student platform, This site allows students to take a full-length timed test and receive a projected composite score that may be used to help students and families better prepare for the official in-school assessment. Please follow the directions shown below to access and participate in this assessment.

Free ACT Official Online Test

Log in or set up an account in MyACT: . Click on Tests & Prep in the upper left corner, and then ACT Free Online Tests.

  1. 1 full length practice test for each subject.
  2. Can choose whether to take the test timed or untimed.
  3. Personalized resources for each wrong answer.
  4. Can retake the test.
  5. For more free ACT Test Prep:

Here is a 1 minute video of the above supplied by ACT, Inc.:

Naviance Test Prep for the ACT
We are excited to announce that this year, thanks to our District partnership with Naviance, students now have access to 7 full length practice ACTs along with customized activities and games designed to help learners get exactly the help that they need to succeed! Once students are added to Naviance Test Prep, they can take a benchmark assessment to give them a starting ACT composite score. Once they have the score, the Naviance system creates a custom learning plan with activities to address the areas where your student needs the most help. This option is available for all students in grades 9-12 so if you are interested, contact your school counselor or one of your school’s 2 ACT Specialist today to get your student started with Naviance Test Prep!

Looking to up your game on the ACT? Just a couple of points can mean a big difference for your future, so up your game today! Here is a quick guide to some of the tools and strategies that you can use to get the stellar 21+ ACT score that you deserve!

ACT Academy is a free, online resource provided directly by the company that gives the ACT! It lets you take a diagnostic test to find where you need help, and then gives you videos and lessons to help you improve in the areas where you need it most. Built from actual ACT questions, ACT Academy could be the leg up that you need!

Like ACT Academy, Khan Academy is a free, online resource that helps you grow in skill areas where you need help! There’s even a free app for smartphone users. You can even link your PSAT results to Khan Academy if you have a free account at College Board (, and it will give you customized lessons based on your PSAT!

Grade Results is an online tool available through your clever login to all high school students in Shelby County Schools. Choose the test section that you want to work on, and then you can take the diagnostic test to unlock lessons that support the areas where you need the most help.

This year our District is offering specialized ACT workshops at least once every 9 weeks in every school to boost student success on ACT! Your school’s ACT Specialists will lead these workshops and set the schedule that works best for the students at your school. These teachers have been trained by Jane Ross Tutoring to teach you the tips and tricks to boost your score on every section of the test. Reach out to your school’s ACT Specialists to find out more about how and when your school will be offering the ACT Workshop, including digital opportunities within Teams!.

One of the best resources you have to help you prepare for the ACT are the teachers that you see every day. If you know there is an area of the ACT that you might struggle with (especially if you’ve already taken the ACT, a practice test or the PSAT), then don’t be afraid to reach out to your teachers or counselors for support! Your teachers may be able to help you with a concept you are working to master, or even provide you with tutoring in the area where you need to work most. Never forget that every person in your school wants you to succeed on the ACT!