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BrightBytes Best Practices & Procedures

Decision Analytics and Information Management



The Decision Analytics & Information Management team is responsible for downstream reporting of data related to student enrollment, student performance, and more. Our amazing technical team works hard to provide school administrators and central office staff with information to inform decision-making.

Bright Bytes

BrightBytes is a proven predictive analytics tool that allows the district to connect the right students to the right supports at the right time. BrightBytes allows schools to go to ONE place to see holistic student data, and know the "next steps" to connecting students to services.


Power BI

Power BI data dashboards are available exclusively to MSCS school administrative teams and select central office administrators. PowerBi dashboards include:
  • Student Enrollment
  • Student Conduct
  • Attendance, Chronic Absenteeism and Suspensions
  • Formative and State Assessment Results
  • Response to Intervention & Instruction Progress
  • School Profiles
  • Teacher & Leader Effectiveness