Early Literacy Office
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Early Literacy

The Early Literacy Team is a cross-functional team of District Literacy Advisors with extensive knowledge of foundational skills instruction and strategies. Assembled to thwart the literacy deficits in the early grades, the team provides ongoing, consistent support that focuses on enhancing teachers’ ability to implement high quality foundational skills instruction that ultimately propels students to high levels of literacy achievement.

The primary work of the Early Literacy Team regards the following:

  • Design and facilitate high quality professional learning experiences for school leaders, Foundational Literacy Laureates, K-2 Teachers, and Senior Reading Advisors.
  • Participate in Foundational Literacy Quality Reviews (audits) as members of the Early Learning Task Force.
  • Design, recommend, and disseminate quality resources to improve foundational skills instruction and pedagogy.

Vision for Early Literacy

In Shelby County Schools, a high-quality early education is critical to ensuring long- term academic success. Our early learners must be engaged in literacy-rich environments that offer meaningful, authentic opportunities to develop the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills essential to becoming college and career ready.

Early Literacy Targets are as follows:

  • Shelby County Schools’ early learners will develop a strong foundation for literacy and reading development when given opportunities to engage in purposeful, meaningful language and early print activities.
  • Shelby County Schools’ early learners will engage in explicit and systematic foundational literacy instruction that encompasses phonemic awareness, phonics, word analysis, high frequency words, fluency, language conventions, and spelling.
  • Shelby County Schools' early learners will engage in relevant teacher- led early literacy activities and work stations that suit their particular learning goals, specific situations, and individual needs.
  • Shelby County Schools’ early learners will enjoy reading and writing and develop life-long literacy habits.

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