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Updating Our Infrastructure

  • Repair and upgrade existing infrastructure

  • Build school additions

  • Renovate stadiums and playing surfaces

  • Invest strategically to ensure efficiency, safety and world-class academic facilities

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KEY PROJECT: New High School for the Frayser Community

Strong communities have strong schools, and a new Frayser high school would be the crown jewel in community revitalization efforts. Further, families in North Memphis deserve state-of-the-art facilities that can accommodate new academic and athletic programming.

To help support our efforts to secure funding for this project, we have drafted a letter you can send your County Commissioner. Here’s how:

  1. Click the name of your County Commissioner. Not sure who it is? Click here for a district map.
  2. Your email will open with a pre-populated email message that will allow you to send the message directly your County Commissioner.
  3. Read through and make any adjustments you would like.
  4. Add your name and contact information to the bottom and hit send. It will go directly to your County Commissioner’s email box.
  5. If you prefer to print, sign and mail the letter, click the graphic.
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