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i-Ready Diagnostic

All K-8 students will participate in the computer-based i-Ready Diagnostic January 8-26, 2024.

What is the i-Ready Diagnostic?

The i-Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive assessment that shows which skills students have mastered and which skills need to be mastered. This assessment is NOT counted as a grade for the student's report card. It helps teachers provide the necessary classroom tools and supports for each student.

The questions get more difficult or less difficult based on how each student answers until it finds the "just right" level; therefore, the goal is not to get every question correct. Once the "just right" learning level is determined, the student will be assigned a series of lessons that are just right for reading and math!

How will my child participate in the i-Ready Diagnostic?

All K-8 students will take the diagnostic on their assigned MSCS 1:1 device during classtime. Students login to the platform through Clever.

Once logged into Clever, students select the i-Ready icon. The icon is typically found under "Curriculum" or "Favorite Resources."

For additional help retrieving the student #: Login credentials and the student # can be accessed by logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. After logging in, select the "Online Education" link from the left-side menu. Get help with PowerSchool here.


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