Open Records Request

Welcome to the Shelby County Schools Open Records page. We are committed to openness and transparency and strictly adhere to the provisions of federal law and the Tennessee Open Records Act in making records available to the public. All Open Records requests must be submitted electronically to the Public Records Request Coordinator by clicking the link below. 

NOTE TO REQUESTOR: Requests for copies of student transcripts, diplomas, cumulative records, and other student records made through the Open Records Requests online submission platform WILL NOT be processed. Please forward all such requests to the Department of Student Information Management for handling

SPECIAL NOTE: Shelby County Board of Education is limiting in-person contact due to COVID-19. All Open Records Requests MUST be submitted online. No in person requests are being accepted at this time. In addition, response time to requests and processing of requests will be slower than normal. SCS appreciates your patience as it navigates continuity of operations in light of COVID-19.


Submit an Open Records Request


IMPORTANT: Are you requesting student transcripts, diplomas, cumulative records and/or other student records? If so, click here or call (901) 416-5830. Please DO NOT use this form for student record requests. 
Valid identification showing Tennessee citizenship will be required.


Open Records Policy 
Open Public Records Request FAQs

160 South Hollywood Street, Room 218 
Memphis, Tennessee 38112

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