Risk Management

Risk management operates the District’s liability insurance and claims programs, in addition to the workers' compensation, safety, and environmental programs. We also provide safety, environmental, loss control, and risk management services to District departments. The goal of Risk Management is to enable District staff and students to identify and manage risks associated with their activities.

Liability Insurance & ClaimsWorkers Compensation
Risk Management provides liability insurance and claims services for the District. Those services include student, visitor, and athletic incident documentation and investigation.The District workers compensation program is a self-funded, self-administered program covering approximately 14,000 employees. We assist with managed healthcare for those injured on the job.


Safety & Environmental QualityLoss Prevention
Risk Management Provides District Safety Training To Prevent And Control The Severity Of Accidents. In Addition, We Provide Many Assessments Tools And Other Information On Indoor Environmental Quality. Do you have a safety or indoor environmental concern? Please email your concern to [email protected] or call us at (901) 416-5515. Be sure to include the specifics, such as: room numbers, specific areas, etc.Risk Management administers the District’s self-insured equipment replacement fund for loss of equipment due to theft, vandalism, or other natural causes. We provide information and resources to prevent the loss of equipment.


Forms & Resources
We’ve put all of our forms, publications, links, and other resources right here for you. If you don’t see something you need contact us.


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