Student Affairs


The Department of Student Affairs aspires to amplify student voice in countering systemic inequalities, building civic participation, community relationships, and influencing decisions that impact their education.

DOSA Pillars

Restorative Justice and Drop-out Prevention
Student Social-Emotional Learning

Group of students and teachers standing around table

Pillar 1

  • Academic Equity
  • Student Voice
Students standing and smiling for camera

Pillar 2

  • Student Engagement
  • Student Leadership
Students metting with the superintendent

Pillar 3

  • Early Literacy
  • Post-Secondary Readiness


The vision of the Department of Student Affairs is to empower students with optimal opportunities to augment their academic experience and shape (or enhance) their foundational journey in education. The creation of innovative, student-centered programs and services will cultivate informed, engaged, and culturally responsive citizens.

“We hear students...We are here for students”

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