DOSA Student Leadership provides a forum where students have a voice in changing culture and climate within the district. Students are afforded a wealth of opportunities to practice leadership and engage social action skills that serve as a catalyst for change. Students also develop an emerging awareness and understanding of community issues, problems, and resources.


Student Congress

The primary function of the Student Congress is to participate democratically and provide insight into the district’s decision-making process as well as provide a platform for students to positively and productively address their educational concerns. The Student congress fulfills its purpose by presenting the Board with proposals for district innovations/improvements and suggested solutions to district-wide problems as well as relaying Board decisions and district information to students.

Student Leaders

Under the direction of the Department of Student Affairs, students serve as a liaison between DOSA, students, teachers, parents, and administrators regarding DOSA initiatives and engagement opportunities. Student leaders are recommended by administrators for exhibiting unique characteristics such as possess a keen awareness of the pulse of the school/student community, is organized, displays excellent communication skills, has strong, positive relationships with students, and is regarded as a connector by students.


Student Ambassadors are highly motivated to serve and communicate pertinent information in relation to their schools’ course offerings, extra-curricular activities, and overall culture, climate, and school community environment. DOSA Student Ambassadors get involved! Students opportunities range from speaking at community events to assisting with school tours and recruitment fairs.

The Student Ambassadors' duties include:

  • Assisting students to find classrooms, lockers, and major areas of their school
  • Teaching students how to navigate the student lunch period
  • Answering questions about activities, classes, building facilities, and school rules
  • Positively representing the student body
  • Act as an ambassador to prospective students and families at school events


  • Sharpen communication and public speaking skills
  • Improve interpersonal and conversational skills
  • Enhance confidence when speaking and interacting with members of the school community
  • Develop networking skills through participation at exciting events
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