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TCHSOur goal is to provide parents, students, and employees of Shelby County Schools with a better coordinated system of health services in order to enhance our overall health and wellbeing. We have responded to the needs of our school system and mandates of the State of Tennessee by beginning to further develop networks that will make the use of our school health services more seamless. It should be the goal of all community stakeholders to ensure that our children have healthy behaviors so that they will become healthy adults. In addition, it is to our advantage as well to develop better awareness of healthy practices that will assist in keeping us healthy as parents, families, teachers, administrators, and for all involved in the education of our students.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that there are eight (8) areas of interaction necessary in coordinating the health needs of our schools and communities.

SCS Coordinated Health Services

Nutrition Services Physical Education Healthy School Environment Counseling and Psychological Services Staff Health Parent and Community Involvement Health Services Health Education

We are charged with providing information and developing programs that will be interactive so that all components of the model are being addressed.

You will see that we are committed to the direction of the Coordinated School Health Model as laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and the Tennessee Office of Coordinated School Health through the expansion of existing programs and the addition of new ones.

CSH Contact Information:

Shunji Q. Brown-Woods, MHA
Coordinated School Health, Director
Phone: (901) 321-2658
FAX: (901) 321-2627
Alisa Myrick
CSH Employee Health
(901) 473-2628
Barbara Duddy, RN
Program Facilitator
(901) 473-2659
Marsha White
CSH Secretary
(901) 473-2693
Meghan Claney
Health Facilitator
(901) 473-2625
Ashley McKinley
CSH Health Services
(901) 473-2686
Brandi Morgan
Health Facilitator
(901) 473-2621
Connie Robles, RN
District Nurse
(901) 473-2272
Kareem Vance
Health Facilitator
(901) 473-2624
Lisa Anderson, RN
District Nurse
(901) 473-2273

Family Life, Health and PE Curriculum (Health Curriculum is found under Science Guides) Resources